About Us

Low Energy Supermarket formed early 2011 when Mark, our MD was working as a Chartered Building Surveyor. He specialised in home buyers reports and EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates).  He realised that on EPC’s there were lots of recommendations to improve the rating yet the things it was said to buy like LED light bulbs, draughtproofing and insulation were either very hard to find or very expensive.

Low Energy Supermarket was born.

We began as a family run business operating out of a spare room with Mark sourcing the products and Jo his wife processing orders and packaging, soon the business grew and another family member joined. We have continued to grown steadlily since then, we now have new premises and have many more staff!

Using the energy saving products on this website and with a little investment, you will be amazed how much money saving can be done.

‘Spend a little now & start saving’ – Low Energy Supermarket are firm believers of this, we provide a wide range of energy efficiency products on one site.  Little tweeks here and there can make a massive difference to household bills and lets be honest – we all like the sound of that don’t we? 

If you have any questions about our products, the company or any issues with your order then please contact us.