Buying Solar Panel Kits? 3 Things To Consider

As both a massive source of renewable energy and a way to reduce utility bills, solar has recently gained a lot of attention. The feasibility of solar power as a long-term energy solution is being touted everywhere. But when it comes to buying a home solar panel kit, most individuals don’t know where to start. 

Here are the top three things to consider before taking the plunge.

Right Placement:

Space, where you deploy your Solar panel kit, is almost as critical as where you reside for the collection of the sun’s rays. A sunny, south-facing roof with very little shade and no blockages like plumbing pipes or chimneys is the perfect location. Sadly, very few individuals have that kind of arrangement, but there are several alternatives. In order to maximize southern access, you should use an eastern-facing roof leveraging special tilt legs. East is preferred to the west since solar panels work better when they are cold. 

At times, the roof is simply not viable for many— A ground mounting system may be used in that situation. The solar panels can sit comfortably on a metal-framed structure that will shift them toward the sun.

Upfront investments:

Even with stimulus packages on avail, most individuals will have to make some sort of upfront investment in a solar system. Ultimately, how much you can invest drives your unit capacity.

When deciding how much to spend, several factors have to be considered. Most people would like to know what’s their payback. This depends entirely on their location and installation, so it is better to get an installer to help you determine the ROI on your money.

DIY v/s professional installation:

For homeowners, the installation of solar power has become considerably easier. It saves somewhere between 20-40% of installer’s prices. However, you must confirm the criteria for licences and inspections with your local building department.

However, if you are not well-versed with the process, a decent alternative to the DIY installation is a local solar contractor. They will ensure that all authorisations, approvals, implementation headaches are taken care of so that you can enjoy the end results, stress-free.

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