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24 February, 2023

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Long term journey to saving energy – A rate your whole home.

Energy saving is at the front of everyone’s mind and with more price increases forecast preparing your home is the best plan of attack. We understand that doing everything all in one go is impossible so if you have a budget see our other blog however a great long term plan is the best solution […]

2 December, 2022

Energy Saving Tips | Latest News | Uncategorised

Our expert energy saving tips

Our quick 8 energy saving tips could save you £488+ TOTAL: £488 in potential bill savings

31 May, 2022


Residential – Self Assessment Energy Audit

Written by M Stevens, BSc Building Surveying, 10 years Domestic & Commercial Energy Assessor, Director of Low Energy Supermarket Ltd Please use our self assessment energy audit to see where you can save money and make your home Help with upgrading your home, making it Greener and more energy efficient. Some work may need to […]

31 May, 2022

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Vampire Device Energy Saving

Know the “Energy Vampires” in your home and save hundreds of pounds easily ‘Vampire devices’ are appliances that use electricity even when they’re off….. Yes, you heard right! Yourhome could be full of ‘vampire devices’ costing you up to £147 a year. According to the Department ofEnergy, 10% of the energy is used by vampire […]

31 May, 2022

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Energy Efficiency Saving Measures

Save energy and build a sustainable lifestyle – Go Green! Energy is the backbone of development. Everything from the generation of jobs to the progress of companies is entirely dependent upon energy. However, this necessity comes at a cost, as excessive usage has led to resource depletion and a significant increase in pollution. Therefore, it […]

31 May, 2022

Energy Saving Tips | Latest News | Uncategorised

Top 10 Energy Saving Products 2022

Energy bills are on the rise and this is being felt by everyone, with suppliers notifying us of further rises it’s time to make changes which you can benefit from immediately. We have the ethos that energy saving doesn’t have to cost the Earth and we have put together some energy saving “quick fixes” – […]

14 October, 2021


Foam Pipe Insulation: What Are Its Important Benefits & How To Install It?

Those who have even the slightest idea of foam pipe insulation know that it’s an effective approach to keep pipes from freezing. Well, that is certainly correct: Pipe insulation keeps water in your plumbing system from freezing and expanding, which would otherwise cause the pipes to break and cause huge damage. On the other hand, foam pipe insulation […]

25 August, 2021

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Why Solar Lighting Kits are Remarkably Useful as Emergency Lights or Portable Lights?

As there are many usages of solar power, stand-alone solar lighting systems are a flexible application as it accommodates to serve many objectives. Solar lighting kits are very flexible as these can be utilized in several applications which are able to cover indoor as well as outdoor usages, whether it is domestic or commercial uses, emergency or […]

10 June, 2021


Lighting Options That Save Money

Now you can light your home with the same intensity of illumination for much less expense. Light accounts for about 5% of a typical household’s energy expenditure. One of the quickest ways to reduce energy bills is to switch to energy-efficient lighting alternatives. You will save so much every year by replacing your home’s five most commonly […]

12 May, 2021


Holidaying off-grid?

So here at Low Energy Supermarket Ltd we are always looking at ways to rely less on electric hook ups and see if you can really holiday “off grid”. Below is a blog from one of our staff Mark…… Having already tried most caravan sites for kids holidays and finding no one has any availability, […]

30 April, 2021


Everything You Need to Know About Photocell Dusk to Dawn Lights

The smart outdoor lighting system can help you to reduce your energy bills and also these smart lights are inexpensive, easy to use, and don’t deteriorate in condition for a very long time. Brightening up your outside area or garden, the photocell dusk to dawn lights can ensure that you don’t stumble around in the […]

26 February, 2021


Why Are the Lithium-ion Batteries Best for Solar Energy?

Nowadays, a lot of buzzes are going on around the lithium-ion batteries on the market. It is due to the fact that there are endless benefits that this battery is rendering in terms of energy conservation. From helping to save electricity bills to the conservation of non-renewable resources, there is a lot that these solar lithium […]