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Lighting Wattage Lookup

See below 'actual' power consumption figures for some typical light fittings.  Where looking into energy efficient lighting replacement, you should also consider total consumption of existing fittings, including any transformers or control gear as below.  The wattage figure on the existing light bulb or tube many not be representative of the actual power consumption for the complete light fitting:

Current Power consumption figures  
Flourescent Tube Lights Current Power Incl Ballast where applicable (watts)
2ft 590mm T5, 14w, HF Ballast 16
2ft 590mm T8, 18w, EM Ballast 27
2ft 590mm T12, 20w, EM Ballast 31
3ft 900mm T8, 30w, EM Ballast 41
4ft 1200mm T5, 24w, HF Ballast 28
4ft 1200mm T8, 36w, EM Ballast 46
4ft 1200mm T12, 40w, EM Ballast 50
5ft 1500mm T5, 35w, HF Ballast 39
5ft 1500mm T8, 58w, EM Ballast 72
5ft 1500mm T12, 65w, EM Ballast 78
6ft 1800mm T5, 48w, HF Ballast 53
6ft 1800mm T8, 70w, EM Ballast 84
6ft 1800mm T12, 75w, EM Ballast 95
8ft 2400mm T12, 85w, EM Ballast 110
8ft 2400mm T12, 100w, EM Ballast 135
8ft 2400mm T12, 125w, EM Ballast 175
Compact Fluorescent  
2D Fittings, 28w lamp, EM Ballast 34
Sodium Lighting & Streetlighting  
SOX, 35W, standard 65
SOX, 35W, low loss 48
SON, 70W, standard  84
SOX, 55W, standard  84
SOX, 55W, low loss 76
SOX, 90W, standard 130
SOX, 90W, low loss 125
SOX, 135W, standard 175
SOX, 135W, low loss 159
SOX-E, 26W, standard 59
SOX-E, 26W, low loss 41
SON, 50W, standard 62
150w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 158
250w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 265
450w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 480
650w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 635

Top 10 Electricity Saving Products


How Water Immersion Heater Timer

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

    Timer switches give you control over your electricity usage and prevent things from overrunning, or staying on for longer than planned. Items like hot water immersion heaters can use a lot of electricity, which is annoying if they are accidentally left on. Timer switches also have a wide range of other usage such as controlling lighting, extract ventilation, heating.

Infrared panel heaters

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Far infrared panel heaters are starting to become more common. These can work more effectively than cheap oil radiators or fan heaters because they do not need to heat all of the air within the room. Infrared panel heaters work by radiating heat, the same type of heat which you feel from the sun. Infrared red panel heaters heat up people and objects within the room, which is especially effective for large spaces. Infrared panel heaters can use 2 to 3 times less electricity than high powered oil radiators, fan heaters, or traditional panel wall heaters as they require much lower power input. For example, a 600 W infrared panel heater could heat the same space as a 2000W oil radiator. Now that the electricity generated for grid supply is becoming greener with more and more wind/solar generation, low-power infrared panel heaters are becoming an eco-friendly option.

Countdown timer and time delay switch

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Time delay switches ensure things are not left on for any longer than necessary. These are commonly used in places like communal stairwells leading to flats to ensure the light not left on. We also have time delay switches which can be used with power sockets, to automatically turn off power after 1, 3, or 6 hours which is a great way of improving electrical safety and stopping any phantom loads / standby power consumption.

LED lighting

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Lighting has now become much more efficient. Old tungsten light fittings only gave out around 12 lumens brightness of light per watt of electricity used, modern LED light fittings can now give out more than 100 lumens brightness of light per watt of electricity used. Energy saving LED light bulbs and LED spotlight fittings can now save more money around the home than compact flourescent bulbs and they last longer. LED tube lights and LED panel lights can save a huge amount of money in commercial properties like shops and offices where their installation pays for itself very quickly, in some cases less than one year if there are long operational hours.

Solar Panels

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Try creating your own electricity, whether it be for a solar powered light to the shed at the end of your garden, or maybe even an off grid holiday home or workplace. We have a wide range of solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar generators, and solar battery kits which can help you to do this. You can also use our solar calculator to help you decide what size solar panels and battery banks you may need for your project.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting CFL’s

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

CFL compact fluorescent lighting has been around for years. We have kept CFL energy saving lighting as part of our range as it is still a quick and cheap fix to saving electricity. CFL light bulbs are still generally cheaper than the modern LED light bulbs, although LED light bulbs do use a few watts less electricity

Photocell Timer

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Most people simply fit a photocell switch if they want to ensure there lights are not accidentally left on during the daytime. The disadvantage of a standard photocell switch is that the lights will stay on all night, unless the photocell is connected to a separate timer switch. We have an all in one photocell timer switch, which can turn your light on at dusk, turn off at say midnight, turn on at 7 AM, turn off Dawn automatically. Time settings are adjustable. This gives you the convenience of automatic lighting and ensures your lights are not left on throughout the night or during daytime

LED Night Light

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

We introduced our range of LED nightlights as we appreciate that some people, especially when there are children in the house, may wish to leave a landing on throughout the night. Instead of having an 11w energy-saving light fitting running all night, why not use our LED nightlight which uses only 0.5 W, as little as 1p per week

One Cup Kettle

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Consider buying a one cup kettle. Instead of boiling 3 or 4 cups of water each time you switch the kettle on, a 1 cup kettle will simply boils just one cup of water each time. We have tested these on our energy monitors, and they can actually save you around £20-30 of electricity each year, plus doing your little bit for the environment

PIR occupancy sensors for fans and lighting

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensors detect when there is movement, generally up to 8 m away from the sensor.They will automatically turn on lighting or fans to a room when they detect a person in the area. PIR occupancy sensors will then keep lighting on so long as there is movement in the area of the sensor. When the person has left the room, the occupancy sensor will turn the lighting off again, say five minutes after the person leaves the room.The lighting in the room stays on so long as there is movement which constantly resets the five-minute countdown timer to prevent the light from turning (time settings adjustable).Obviously, this is a great way of ensuring items are not left on when there is nobody in the room. A great example, is storerooms to the back of shops which may have several strip light fittings which stay on all day, whereas, people may only be going in and out of the room once or twice an hour. PIR occupancy sensors are suitable for many other spaces like toilets, utility rooms, occasional use areas such as circulation corridors. They can reduce your lighting energy usage by as much as 30 to 50%

Top 10 Water Saving Products


Hippo toilet flush water saver

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

    The hippo is simply a bag which goes into the toilet cistern to save water every time you flush. Easy to fit, no tools required.

Water saving aerating shower

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

A water saving shower has an air intake at the base of the showerhead. It mixes air with the water to create a powerful shower effect, whilst using 20-30% less water. The air intake creates a back pressure to water passing through the showerhead, which in turn uses less water and less hot water energy. Our aerating showers can be combined with shower flow restrictors for further savings, especially in high water pressure areas.

Tap aerator flow restrictor

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Many taps installed from new are generally free flowing which can use up to 4 times more water than necessary. For example, if you have a wash basin which is predominantly used for brushing teeth or washing hands, then it may not be necessary to have a high flow rate from your tap. We have a range of flow restricting aerators, which can reduce your water flow to as little as 2 litres per minute. Most people generally choose 4 or 6 litres per minute, which will generally reduce a standard tap flow down from around 9 or 10 litres per minute.

Shower stop valve

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

This little valve was initially created for motorhomes, caravans, and boats, but it can also be used around the home. Simply flick the switch to one side to cut off water flow to a shower.

These valves are really good for people that have hot and cold mixer taps to the shower fitting which needs to be balanced to get the right temperature. When a shower stop valve is fitted, you only need to adjust the hot and cold taps once to balance the water temperature each time you use the shower enabling you to turn the flow of water off without re-balancing.


loftlegs loft insulation spacer

The Combisave valve can save you thousands of litres of water per year. It works by reducing water flow to the hot tap whilst the combination boiler is heating up. This can actually help the water come through to your hot tap a second or two faster, but it also can save the 10 to 15 L of cold water which is wasted before your hot water comes through. Combi save also enables the boiler hot water preheat to be turned off, which can save as much as £50 of gas per year, simply by changing a boiler setting.

Shower flow restrictor

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

In some cases it may be necessary to restrict the amount of water which comes out of your shower. This is often needed in high-pressure water areas, where it may even be uncomfortable underneath the shower if the pressure is too high. A simple restrictor can be screwed onto the end of the shower hose to reduce the amount of water used. Our pack can reduce water flow to 8 litres or 6 litres of water per minute. There is an option to change the small flow restrictor inside, no tools required.

Shower Timer

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Shower timers are a quick and easy way to check you are not using more water and hot water energy than necessary. They also help to train you to enjoy your shower efficiently. It is actually possible to have a shower in as little as three minutes. The average shower time is around eight minutes. A four-minute shower timer can help you use half as much water and hot water heating energy every time you use the shower.

WC stop Toilet Flush Water Saver

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

This really simple device acts as a weight to immediately close the toilet flush valve on most two button flush toilets. The maybe many occasions where you simply need a quick rinse down of the toilet pan, where even a partial flush is more than necessary. With the WC stop, you hold your finger down on the toilet flush for a full flush, as soon as you release your finger from the flush button, the flush stops. Can reduce the water consumption in toilet by 50%

Garden Hose Pipe Watering Timer

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

If you are a garden lover or grow your own vegetables, you should consider purchasing a watering system timer to ensure that your water is not left on any longer than

Ecobug urinal caps – save 98% water flushing by using good bacteria to reduce smells

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Ecobug Extra Strong Urinal Caps can save up to 98% of the water we flush down the drain, these can save up to £300 a year on every urinal in your organisation. ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps employ good bacteria, which outperform the bad bacteria that you know only too well… The cause of that horrible gents toilet smell. A bad smell is bad for business in every situation. Ecobug Caps actually eradicate the smell... They don’t just mask it with even nastier perfume.

Top 10 Heating Saving Products

Radflek Radiator Reflector Foil

    Radiator reflector Foil is very easy to fit behind your radiator. It is especially effective in properties where you may not have very good wall insulation. It works by reflecting heat from the radiator into the room and reduces the amount of heat from the back of the radiator that goes straight out through the wall. This in turn helps your room temperature to reach a comfortable level quicker, and in turn, should allow your heating thermostat to turn off earlier saving you money.

UMAX Energy Saving Heating Additive

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

This heating additive can be easily injected through the bleed valve of one of your radiators.

Simply turn off the valves on both sides to the bottom of the radiator, then this allows you to remove the whole of the nut at the top of the radiator, which holds the bleed screw in place

Inject UMAX into the radiator water, reassemble, and turn the valves back on. This heating additive will then circulate around your central heating system and enables a more effective heat transfer between the boiler and the water circulating around the system. Tests have shown that it can save 5 to 10% of your heating costs.

EPDM & foam draught proofing

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Rubber EPDM draught proofing is a quick and easy way of sealing old leaky windows.

Draughty houses are especially hard to keep warm when it is very cold outside combined with windy conditions. Good draught proofing should be maintained throughout all window and door openings which can help to save 15% of your heating costs. Rubber draught proofing has much longer lifetimes. Cheaper foam draught proofing can also be used as a quick fix, however may only be effective for 12 to 18 months.

Bryseal Around Door Seal

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

You may wish to keep one room really warm within your house. Bryseal around door seal is great at getting a really good airtight seal around internal or external doors to keep really warm inside.

Door Bottom Brushes - draught proofing

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

The bottom of doors can be especially draughty, whether it be an internal or and external door. There is often a 5 mm gap left at the bottom of doors to ensure that they do not come in contact with the floor. This can allow unpleasant draughts. We have a wide range of door bottom brushes, in different colours, and with concealed screw fixings.

Chimney Sheep/ Balloon

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Many houses, especially those built before the 1950’s may still have original fireplaces.

Many fireplaces have been sealed up over the years, but still, some houses prefer to keep open fireplaces with decorative open fires or real flame effect gas fires. It is very often the case that the fire is only used occasionally throughout the year, which means, all of the rest of the time you have a large draughty hole leading out through your roof. When your chimney is not in use, this will create a constant draw of warm air going up the chimney, which is effectively extracting your comfortably heated air up the chimney. This is known as a natural stack effect due to the nature of rising warm air. Fitting a Chimney Sheep or chimney balloon can solve this problem.

Double Glazing Film

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

This product has been around for years. Double glazing film acts as a quick fix to help give some insulation to very cold and draughty single glazing. There are still many properties which may be located in a conservation area, or perhaps listed, or maybe, you are in a rented property where your landlord is unwilling to upgrade. Double glazing film is very easy to apply without any tools, simply using the double sided sticky tape provided and a hairdryer to shrink the film into place so that it becomes completely transparent to the inside of your window.

ETRV’s Electronic thermostat radiator valves & wall thermostats

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

The vast majority of houses, where fitted with thermostatic radiator valves, have the wax filled expansion type thermostatic valves. Although these do generally work, they have limited accuracy, and are relatively slow to respond to temperature changes. You can now simply unscrew your old thermostatic radiator valves and screw-on one of our new digital electronic thermostat radiator valves (ETRV's). Not only do these accurately control your temperature with a quick response, but they are also programmable which means you can turn radiators on or off at different times of the day, so long as your main boiler program has the boiler firing at that time. In larger houses, these have potential to give 20% heating fuel savings.

pipe insulation

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

You may not think of pipe insulation as energy-saving. Pipe insulation is often used for frost/freezing protection, but it is also used to keep the heat inside pipes to ensure it is efficiently transferred to the location where it is needed

Garage Door Side and Bottom Seals, plus consider insulating

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Garages are normally unheated, but this does not mean it doesn’t matter if the garage gets really cold. Sometimes, you may have refrigerators or freezers in the garage which do not like to be situated in a cold location which can occasionally cause them to stop working.

Your garage may also be attached to your house. If you do some insulating and draught proofing to your garage, this means that some of the heat escaping from your house will become trapped in your garage. This helps to keep the contents of your garage dryer, but it also helps your garage to act as a buffer between the external cold air and the interior of your house. It is a scientific fact that the rate of heat loss through a wall is proportional to the difference between the internal and external temperature. If it is warmer inside your garage, therefore less heat will be lost through the wall between the house and the garage.

Our Top 10 energy saving products 2019


loftlegs loft insulation spacer
  • Coverage - 12 Pack of Loftlegs, approx coverage 1.7 to 2.4 square meters depending on your storage board sizes and ceiling joist spacings
  • Loftlegs raise the loft floor by 175mm for energy efficient loft storage
  • Upgrading your insulation from 75mm to 250mm thick could reduce your heating bills by around £35-£75 per year depending on the size of the property.
  • Loft legs avoid insulation compression maintaining U values with no loss of thermal performance
  • Allows for thick insulation below storage boarding trapping more air allowing insulation to work more effectively
  • Easy to install, ultra strong and made from lightweight PP resin . No cutting, drilling or heavy lifting required, screw loft led directly into position.
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing storage boarding by lifting the boards whilst installing additional insulation
  • Manufactured in the UK from recycled material.
  • Please note that we can not work out quotes for you, please use the information above/in the picture provided by Loft Legs.


loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Traditional Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) sense the air temperature around them and regulate the flow of water through the radiator which they are fitted to. They do not control the boiler. Inside the Traditional Thermostatic TRV Head is a sensor containing a wax or liquid material which expands as the room temperature warms up and contracts when it cools down. They have limited accuracy, hence why they typically only have 1,2,3,4,5 temperature settings.

This new 2017 Model Electronic TRV (eTRV), has digital temperature control so you can set your room temperature to 21 degrees centigrade or whatever temperature you desire. Its biggest advantage, is you can also use these eTRV's to program on/off and temperature times for every radiator in your building which can lead to significant energy savings of 20-25%. For every radiator not turned on unnecessarily, this effectively reduces the length of your heating circuit which means the water temperature in the central heating loop returns to the boiler at a higher temperature. Most Modern boilers will then use their economy settings to prevent boiler firing until heating loop cools with in turn saves fuel. This eTRV allows for multi-room zoned temperature control of your house or workplace.

Setting a TRV to a higher temperature will not make the room heat up any faster. How quickly the room heats up depends on the boiler size and radiator size. Turning a TRV to a lower setting will result in the room being controlled at a lower comfortable temperature and saves energy. TRVs need a free flow of air to sense the temperature so they must not be covered by curtains or blocked by furniture.


loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Radflek radiator reflectors, reduces your heating bill by reflecting wasted energy back into your room rather than heating up the wall and the street outside.

LED lighting

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

LED spot lights use 90% less electricity than halogen or tugsten bulbs and last many times longer with great energy saving potential. Payback in only 2-3 months for long halogen light working hours

Chimney sheep/balloon

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Chimney Sheep Chimney Draught Excluders are designed to be pushed into the narrow part of the chimney above the fireplace, used when the fire is out and the central heating is on.

A huge amount of warm air is drawn up the chimney throughout the day which causes draughts in rooms and loss of heated air.

It has been calculated that for an average sized flue these chimney draught excluders can save you £23 per year off your heating bills for EACH chimney, with the added benefit of reducing draughts within rooms. If you have several chimneys then the savings will be much higher.

The Chimney draught excluder is made of Herdwick wool on a handle. The wool squashes into the shape of the chimney throat or flue, and holds itself in place. When you want to light the fire this design of chimney draught excluder can simply be pulled and put it in a bag. When the fire is completely cold you can put it back in again. It's easy to use and can be used over and over again.

Each chimney draught excluder comes with a 300mm handle. If the distance from the top of the fireplace to the chimney throat is more than the length of a ruler then you may need to get an extension rod, available separately.

These chimney draught excluders have the huge advantage over similar products in that they can be easily taken out and re-fitted each time the fire is lit. There are many buildings where fires may only be used on special occasions such as only over Christmas.

Other advantages, Can stop noise coming down your chimney; saves money, sustainable material, stops cold draughts coming down your chimney for example during windy days, stops debris falling down your chimney like soot and hailstones.

Plug in thermostat

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Plugin Digital thermostat. The thermostat will stop and start your heater as the temperature rises and falls. Ideal for tubular heaters, fan heaters, oil filled heaters, convection heaters and electric radiators

Hot water jacket

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

A Hot Water Insulation Jacket will reduce your gas or electricity bills by reducing the cost of your hot water heating.

A poorly insulated hot water cylinder will constantly lose heat into the surrounding area which you may not want to be heating. For example, an electric immersion hot water cylinder without any insulation will lose so much heat it will actually heat the property for you, but this is electric heating which is costly to run.

Potential Savings* that can be gained by increasing the thickness of your hot water cylinder insulation are given below. You can also add further insulation to your hot water cylinder where your current insulation jacket is fairly thin. You simply add an additional 80mm thick insulation jacket over the top.

Hot water saving shower

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

water and energy saving showers work best with hot and cold mixer showers, thermostatic mixer showers and power showers. Eco Shower heads can be used with electric showers but they will generally not be able to give water or energy savings as electric showers regulates their own water flow. If this Eco shower head is used with an electric shower it will have the benefit of increasing pressure due to the aeration which is especially beneficial on low power 8 - 9.5 KW showers during winter when the water flow rate is very slow.

Count down timer

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Our Lowenergie Countdown Power Saver helps you to save energy, reduce your bills and protect the environment. This device can have great potential to turn off equipment which may accidentally be left on for long periods or overnight. Multi socket extension leads can be plugged into this power saver to allow four or more devices to be fully disconnected from the power. Standard version has 1, 3 and 6 hour time settings

Window and door draught proofing

loftlegs loft insulation spacer

Your house or commercial property will loose heat during cold weather partly due to poor thermal insulation, but also due to air infiltration or the permeability of the building. Infiltration or permeability is measured in meters cubed per hour per square meter of floor area. A typical building built 1900 to 1990 will loose around 15-25 meter cubed of air per hour per square meter of floor area. This is due to natural leakage through the fabric of the building, but largely through gaps around windows and doors. Good use of draft proofing could reduce your air permeability to around 10-15 meters cubed per hour which is a good low cost way of reducing you heating bills.

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