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Lighting Wattage Lookup

See below 'actual' power consumption figures for some typical light fittings.  Where looking into energy efficient lighting replacement, you should also consider total consumption of existing fittings, including any transformers or control gear as below.  The wattage figure on the existing light bulb or tube many not be representative of the actual power consumption for the complete light fitting:

Current Power consumption figures  
Flourescent Tube Lights Current Power Incl Ballast where applicable (watts)
2ft 590mm T5, 14w, HF Ballast 16
2ft 590mm T8, 18w, EM Ballast 27
2ft 590mm T12, 20w, EM Ballast 31
3ft 900mm T8, 30w, EM Ballast 41
4ft 1200mm T5, 24w, HF Ballast 28
4ft 1200mm T8, 36w, EM Ballast 46
4ft 1200mm T12, 40w, EM Ballast 50
5ft 1500mm T5, 35w, HF Ballast 39
5ft 1500mm T8, 58w, EM Ballast 72
5ft 1500mm T12, 65w, EM Ballast 78
6ft 1800mm T5, 48w, HF Ballast 53
6ft 1800mm T8, 70w, EM Ballast 84
6ft 1800mm T12, 75w, EM Ballast 95
8ft 2400mm T12, 85w, EM Ballast 110
8ft 2400mm T12, 100w, EM Ballast 135
8ft 2400mm T12, 125w, EM Ballast 175
Compact Fluorescent  
2D Fittings, 28w lamp, EM Ballast 34
Sodium Lighting & Streetlighting  
SOX, 35W, standard 65
SOX, 35W, low loss 48
SON, 70W, standard  84
SOX, 55W, standard  84
SOX, 55W, low loss 76
SOX, 90W, standard 130
SOX, 90W, low loss 125
SOX, 135W, standard 175
SOX, 135W, low loss 159
SOX-E, 26W, standard 59
SOX-E, 26W, low loss 41
SON, 50W, standard 62
150w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 158
250w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 265
450w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 480
650w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide 635

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