Draught Proofing Your Home With Letterbox Draught Excluder

Today, in the majority of the homes, freestanding letterboxes are still some of the most sought-after types of letterboxes you will get to see. But, what about apartments? Or those homes that do not have a free-standing letterbox attached to a wall or fence. Letterbox draught excluder can be a good change and an ideal one to have it installed on your door.

Earlier, most of the front doors had a simple flap kind of slot installed. This is where the postman would deliver the post every morning. However, with the evolving décor, these simple letterbox slots don’t fancy people anymore. Letterboxes draught excluder is practical, functional and most important serves the purpose for the reason you have purchased.

Winter proofing your house through draught proofing

Draughts have been a huge culprit where houses losing their warmth. This ultimately results in increased energy bills. The condition is witnessed mostly in older properties. But, the best part is there are plenty of different ways to draught-proof a home and save energy, and one of the most effective ways is to install a letterbox draught excluder. It is the most affordable option available which blocks the cold winters, balancing your home temperature.

Especially during winters, our utility bills sky-rockets. To heat your home is expensive without losing it unnecessarily through your letterbox. What is even worse, the cold draughts entering your home through the letterbox. The Letterboxes draught excluder is manufactured to address this problem and will in turn help to go some way towards reducing your energy bills.

Advantages of installing letterbox draught excluder are:

  • It reduces your heating bill by £8-£10/year
  • It keeps the home heating temperature in check
  • It will reduce the air permeability

It’s easy to attach the bracket to the inside of the door. This would depend on the type of door. Installing letterbox draught brushes can also help to further reduce heat loss from your front door. These are installed on the inside of the letterbox.

If you are still having problems with your door and draughts. Maybe its time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient door?

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