Energy Efficiency Saving Measures

Save energy and build a sustainable lifestyle – Go Green!

Energy is the backbone of development. Everything from the generation of jobs to the progress of companies is entirely dependent upon energy. However, this necessity comes at a cost, as excessive usage has led to resource depletion and a significant increase in pollution. Therefore, it is high time for industries as well as common folks to gravitate toward energy-saving measures.

Energy Saving:

Efficient energy management gives us a more sustainable environment ensuring a safe future for our next generation. Moreover, it helps in bringing down the sky-rocketing energy bills. The current scenario has made the need for effective energy saving methods even more critical.

In addition to contributing to our fight against climate change, energy-efficient solutions also considerably decrease our energy and maintenance bills. And here’s the good news- you don’t have to break the bank to go green! Switching to energy-saving solutions should not require a hefty investment, and this is what we strive to provide you at Low Energy Supermarket. 

Energy Saving Devices

One of the first steps toward a greener and cleaner tomorrow is switching to energy-efficient devices. If your energy bills are soaring higher than ever, then maybe it is time to revaluate and upgrade your energy-consuming appliances. What most people are not aware of is that some of the gadgets we use daily in our lives use up a lot of energy, making the energy bills go through the roof. To combat this issue, consider investing in devices that can help you save substantially on energy bills.

Energy Saving Measures

Apart from making the switch, we can also learn how to use our energy-consuming devices responsibly and efficiently to conserve electricity. There are some energy-saving measures which can help us in saving money as well as preserving the environment. Some of them are:

  • Switch to long-lasting LEDs instead of regular incandescent lamps. LEDs can save up to 90% of the energy used in lighting.
  • Choose electronic ballast over conventional magnetic ballast for a 40% reduction in energy consumption, or even better, switch to LED Tube lighting to replace fluorescent tubes.
  • Consider making the switch to renewable energy resources such as solar energy. Sun is the ultimate and never-ending source of power, so why not channel it into providing fuel for your whole house or even a commercial space! Now, with rising energy prices, home energy storage systems are becoming ever more, so store your solar power to use at night, or store cheaper off-peak tariff electricity into battery banks, which can be used for further savings.

Here are a few energy-saving types of equipment you can consider to save energy:

Light bulbs: Light bulbs are the easiest and cheapest transition you can make to save around 10% on your energy bills. In addition to being easy to install, smart light bulbs also provide plenty of environmental benefits. If you have a habit of sleeping with night lights on or want them for your children’s room, consider using an LED night lamp which is way cheaper than compact fluorescent lighting and saves much more energy.

Showerheads: Energy saving is not just limited to electricity. It entails every non-renewable resource which needs to be preserved. Water is one of the biggest necessities of human life, and wasting away such a precious resource can lead to severe water scarcity in the future. This can be overcome by integrating water-saving showering equipment which also helps to use less hot water. The energy-saving showerheads use the innovative technique of combining flow restrictors with air streams to give you a powerful shower without the guilt of wasting a lot of water.

Smart thermostat: The conventional thermostats need to be adjusted manually. Also, it will burden your electric bill with additional costs if left unchecked. The smart thermostat, however, will do the adjusting for you, saving you both time and money. Use energy-saving thermostats to carefully monitor the temperature and to pull down the energy bills.

Other products: Apart from these, you can also switch to other energy-saving products such as Radflek radiator reflectors, a Hot water insulation jacket or a count down timer to reduce your bills and protect the environment as well.

Energy-saving self-assessment

Energy management is indispensable in improving energy efficiency and increasing money savings. Self-identifying problematic areas and taking measures to rectify them goes a long way in cutting down bills and promoting a greener environment. Take this self-assessment energy audit to determine where you might be losing excess energy and what measures you can take to save it.

Energy-saving tips

Merely switching from traditional devices to energy-saving devices will be of no help if not managed appropriately. To achieve optimal results, you also need to practice a few habits ensuring maximum energy saving.

  • Turn off the electronic devices when they’re not being used. Keeping devices on standby increases unnecessary energy usage which can easily be avoided.
  • Try taking advantage of natural light whenever possible and give your lights a rest.
  • Use energy-saving appliances.
  • Turn off your computer screens and televisions when not in use. Leaving computers on unnecessarily can cost you anything from £60 to £70 per year.
  • Do not open your refrigerator unnecessarily, and avoid keeping it open for longer periods.
  • Switch to air-drying your clothes instead of using a tumble dryer. Letting your clothes dry naturally can save you over £250 of electricity a year. Moreover, tumble drying your clothes can rob them of their shine and make the fabric weak.

Read more about energy saving tips here.

Earth is in an energy crisis today, and it needs our support more than ever. Every great revolution starts from a small step. By abandoning the outdated methods which harm our environment, we can move one step closer to a healthier tomorrow. We at Low Energy Supermarket are dedicated to making that process easier for you by keeping our prices low and with a great range of energy saving & energy generation products. Check out our entire range of super saving products here, and let worries of energy bills be a thing of the past.

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