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Energy Saving Bulbs

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs and Reduce Your Energy Bills

Now light your home using the same number of bulbs while consuming less energy and spending less money. Surprised? Just replace the traditional bulbs in your house with the energy saving bulbs and you are all set to go for reducing your energy bills. On an average, 5% of the total energy budget of a house goes towards lighting. So, switching to energy efficient bulbs is one of the great ways to cut your electricity costs. Low Energy Supermarket- Your One-Stop Shop For All Types Of Energy-Efficient Bulbs Low Energy Supermarket takes pride in supplying all kind of energy-efficient products which include the products for lighting, draught proofing and insulation. Not only do we aim at helping the homes and businesses reduce their utility bills but we also provide premium quality products at affordable rates.

Your options for energy saving bulbs

The energy-efficient bulbs available nowadays come in different colours, shapes and lighting levels. However, there are mainly three categories they belong to. 1. CFL bulbs These are a small version of the long fluorescent lights you may already have in your house. A CFL uses around one-fourth of the energy used by traditional incandescent bulbs and also, lasts 10 times longer than them. 2. LED bulbs Once known only for the traffic lights and indicators, LEDs in white light are one of the most energy-efficient technologies used today. These bulbs use up to one-tenth of the energy used by traditional bulbs and last 15-25 times longer. 3. Halogen Incandescents These bulbs have a capsule inside them which holds gas and increases bulb’s efficiency. Available in different colours and shapes, they can also be used with dimmers. The halogen incandescent bulbs are considered as energy efficient bulbs because they consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. But still, the amount of energy is double than the energy consumed by LEDs and CFLs. Also, as they operate at high lamp temperature, they get hot and lead to the wastage of energy. No doubt the energy-efficient bulbs will cost you more than the traditional incandescents, they cost less to operate and help you save money in the long run. Browse our collection of energy efficient bulbs and buy today! Feel free to get in touch!

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