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Ecobutton Halo Home Edition

ecobutton halo™ HOME Edition, Computer PC USB Electric Energy Saving
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The power saving device for home computers and laptops, ecobutton™ is highly visible and glows gently as a reminder to press it every time the computer is left unattended or unused.

ecobutton™ overcomes the confusion of the various modes of PC power management with Windows™. A simple press of ecobutton™ puts your PC into the most efficient power saving mode available. To wake simply press the ecobutton™ again and it quickly wakes your PC and instantly returns you to your desktop.

Key Home Features...

  • Simple plug & play set-up
  • Built in help via the halo™ interface
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Reduces your CO2 footprint
  • halo™ interface displays savings during the week and cumulatively
  • Illuminated ecobutton™ acts as a visual reminder
  • Online update system for future improvements & new features
  • halo™ interface shows Energy Saving Tips helping you to save even more!
  • Individual cloud-based user savings accounts with additional functionality

Why ecobutton?...

  • Energy prices continue to rise
  • Economic pressure to cut costs.
  • Social responsibility - pressure to go greener.

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