The minimum wattage figure on the dimmer switch is too high, typically the majority of leading edge dimmer switches are 60 watts which is way too high for operation with dimmable LED bulbs. This is why you need an LED compatible dimmer switch for use with dimmable LED bulbs.

5 reasons to get LED lights installed in your home:

LED’s are becoming more popular as a home lightening system due to its high-end benefits. LED is a versatile source of lighting now with much improved LED light quality. With the fast development of LED lighting, they are now available in very bright versions and different colours. Moreover, the quality and colour of light produced by LED’s is gentle on the eyes. If you’re looking forward to buying LED lights in the UK, then you need to do a lot of research for choosing the right service provider. Well, here in the below guide, we will be discussing some of the reasons to get LED lights installed in your home:

Energy saving

Being the most energy efficient way of illumination, LED lights contribute to saving on your utility bills. An estimated energy efficiency of 80-90% is gained by LED lights, whilst using just 10% of energy used the traditional bulbs. LED bulbs use literally 10 times less electricity than traditional light sources.

Long lifespan

Long life definitely turns out to be the number one benefit of using LED lights. An outstanding operational lifespan of about 30,000 hours is provided by the LED lights. Some very high-quality LED lights can achieve up to 50,000 hours.

Low maintenance

LED lights not only shine brighter but also last longer. Thanks to the low maintenance costs that makes it the most preferable choice in the lighting industry.

Fast switching LED lights can be frequently switched on and off without affecting LED’s lifespan. As traditional lighting takes a few seconds to reach its full brightness, but LED lights has a quick action to the ON and OFF process.


h2> LED lighting is a great way for creating an environment-friendly zone. They require less power to operate and do not contain any hazardous chemicals.

Why choose us:

We take pride in being one of the reputed and renowned LED lights suppliers in the UK. We pride ourselves in offering our clients with the best quality products. We offer a 2-year warranty on all our LED bulbs. Our online store is open 24/7 We aim at reducing CO2 emission and saving the planet. We offer reliable return and refund policy. You’ll be updated all the way through the delivery process. Well, the bottom line is that you should definitely look forward to giving our LED lights a try!

GU5 is another name for a MR16 bulb

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a device consisting of a semiconductor that emits light energy when an electrical current is passed through it. LEDs can be used for a wide range of lighting applications. It is predicted that LED lights are the future for energy-efficient home lighting.

We have two length types of bulbs (58mm & 61mm) so yes these bulbs will retrofit into existing units but you will need to check which length is most suitable for your fitting.

Most PIR’s do require a neutral however we do have a non neutral 200w wall mounted PIR which can be found here

Ceilings provide an important barrier that helps to prevent the spread of fire and noise between the floors of a building. Installing recessed downlights punctures this barrier and can reduce the effectiveness of this safety barrier.

Installing fire rated downlights helps to protect your premises from the effects of both fire and noise pollution and aids compliance with new building regulations governing the installation of downlights. Made from intumescent materials, fire rated downlights seal the gap between the ceiling and the fitting to offer up to 90 minutes protection against the spread of fire into the void spaces within your ceiling / loft space.

Fire rated downlights are more expensive than non-fire rated downlights. However, the worst decision you can make is to buy cheaper models that look exactly the same only to find out from the electrician fitting them, that building regulations require fire rated downlights for that situation

Unfortunately not, for standard household dimmers you need a trailing edge or low voltage LED dimmer switch.

No. The majority of our LED bulbs are designed to be retrofit. This means that LED light bulbs are made to fit in existing light fittings but please check the product description prior to purchasing.

Yes but you will need to replace the transformer to a LED transformer.

See below ‘actual’ power consumption figures for some typical light fittings.  Where looking into energy efficient lighting replacement, you should also consider total consumption of existing fittings, including any transformers or control gear as below.  The wattage figure on the existing light bulb or tube many not be representative of the actual power consumption for the complete light fitting:

Current Power consumption figures 
Flourescent Tube LightsCurrent Power Incl Ballast where applicable (watts)
2ft 590mm T5, 14w, HF Ballast16
2ft 590mm T8, 18w, EM Ballast27
2ft 590mm T12, 20w, EM Ballast31
3ft 900mm T8, 30w, EM Ballast41
4ft 1200mm T5, 24w, HF Ballast28
4ft 1200mm T8, 36w, EM Ballast46
4ft 1200mm T12, 40w, EM Ballast50
5ft 1500mm T5, 35w, HF Ballast39
5ft 1500mm T8, 58w, EM Ballast72
5ft 1500mm T12, 65w, EM Ballast78
6ft 1800mm T5, 48w, HF Ballast53
6ft 1800mm T8, 70w, EM Ballast84
6ft 1800mm T12, 75w, EM Ballast95
8ft 2400mm T12, 85w, EM Ballast110
8ft 2400mm T12, 100w, EM Ballast135
8ft 2400mm T12, 125w, EM Ballast175
Compact Fluorescent 
2D Fittings, 28w lamp, EM Ballast34
Sodium Lighting & Streetlighting 
SOX, 35W, standard65
SOX, 35W, low loss48
SON, 70W, standard 84
SOX, 55W, standard 84
SOX, 55W, low loss76
SOX, 90W, standard130
SOX, 90W, low loss125
SOX, 135W, standard175
SOX, 135W, low loss159
SOX-E, 26W, standard59
SOX-E, 26W, low loss41
SON, 50W, standard62
150w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide158
250w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide265
450w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide480
650w High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide635

The IP, or Ingress Protection rating of an electrical product is a guide that is used to detail the strength of the enclosure that surrounds the electrical components.
In the case of LED lights bulbs, the IP-rating measures the tolerance to the effect of dust particles and the level of protection against water or liquids. IP65 means that the LED bulb is totally protected against dust and can withstand low-pressure jets of water from all directions – with limited ingress acceptable.

Yes but it is very straightforward, we supply full detailed instructions of how to do the re-wire.

How does ambient temperature affect the performance of LED Lights?

The performance of LED lights can be adversely affected by severe changes in ambient temperature or operating the bulbs outside the recommended temperature range. LED bulbs are tested at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, which is adequate for most domestic environments.
However, in more challenging environments, with extreme levels of hot or cold ambient conditions, there may be a decrease in light levels together with an adverse effect on the life span of the bulb. This is why there are specially designed LED lights for use in hazardous and extreme conditions.

The colour choice is down to personal preference. The most popular colour for indoor LED lights is Day White (6000k) as this is the closest colour we find to natural daylight.

LED light bulbs are highly energy efficient; resulting is significant electricity savings over the life of the bulb. Electricity costs are constantly on the increase. The average household lighting bill in the UK is around £300 per year. Replace your existing halogen bulbs with LED bulbs and you can cut your lighting costs by up to 90%. That is a potential saving of upto £270 a year.

In short, LED lights are the future of household and office lighting, with numerous fantastic features which include:

  • Significant savings on your electricity bills
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly lighting
  • No IR or UV emissions
  • Much longer life-span than halogen bulbs
  • Low temperature operation
  • Directional light
  • Low profile and compact size
  • Breakage and vibration resistance
  • Life unaffected by rapid cycling
  • Instant switch on with no warm up time

Any fittings being placed within a bathroom/wet room/shower room should not only be Fire Rated but also be waterproof and hold a suitable certification of IP65 or higher to comply with current building regulations for bathrooms.

LED light bulbs have a much longer life span compared to standard halogen bulbs. In fact LED bulbs last up to 50000 hours – that’s over 5 years of continuous operation. Once you install a LED light bulb you may never have to replace it.

Yes, standard electronic transformers can cause certain types of LED bulbs to flicker, resulting in permanent long-term damage to the LED bulb itself. This problem is most evident in 12V MR16 LED bulbs where a standard transformer does not provide a smooth flow of current, causing flickering problems. You may only need a transformer if you are buying 12v bulbs all 240 bulbs do not require a transformer, 12v bulbs are MR16, G4 and MR11. To avoid damaging your new LED bulbs it is always best to use LED drivers/transformers.

Yes, Low Energy Supermarket’s LED bulbs are the perfect replacement for traditional halogen bulbs.

The type of LED bulb you require depends on your existing light fittings. Our range of LED light bulbs covers a selection of the most popular lighting types such as GU10, MR16, G4, MR11 and G9 bulbs. Make sure you get the correct size of bulb that is compatible with your existing fittings, check our product information details before you buy.

LED bulbs are instant on, which means the do not require any time to warm up. LED bulbs do not give off any harmful UV or IR emissions.

Yes! LED bulbs are referred to as solid state lighting technology and do not contain any harmful materials unlike certain other types of household lighting that contain toxic substances like mercury.

The colour choice is down to personal preference. The most popular colour for indoor LED lights is Warm White as it is the closest to the colour given off by traditional halogen spotlights.

SMDs or Surface Mounted Diodes are the new generation of LED lighting. Our SMDs range is three times brighter than the older LEDs and available in warm white only. LED bulbs with SMDs generate a high quality light the same colour as normal household bulbs

Low Energy Supermarket only use the best quality SMD chips in our range of led bulbs ensuring the best quality of light, the highest levels of energy efficiency and reliability.

LED bulbs are the only truly eco-friendly lighting solution. Unlike traditional forms of lighting where the majority of the electrical energy is given off in the form of heat, LED bulbs operate at around 80% efficiency. This means that an LED bulb converts 80% of its electricity into light energy with very little given off as heat, compared to an incandescent bulb that only turns 20% of the electricity it uses into light energy.

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