How Infrared Heating Panels Can Benefit You

Infrared heating is a fairly new concept in the United Kingdom, but it has been extensively used by the Austrians and Germans for decades now. Have you ever been out on a refreshing wintery morning and felt the warm rays of the sunshine hitting your face? Well, that’s how infrared heating feels, right inside the comforts of your home. 

Here are a few amazing benefits of installing Infrared Heating Panels in your house that you need to now.  

Instant Heating Mechanism:

The infrared heat is released from the screens almost immediately, so no more waiting for space to gradually warm-up.


The cost of operating an infrared panel over an electrical convection heater is much lower since the former needs less power output to produce the same amount of heat. For instance, a 600w infrared panel would provide the same amount of heating comfort as a 1500w convection heater, consuming only one-third of the input, thus making it cheaper to operate.

Insignificant Room Temperature Differentials:

With convection heating systems, hot air usually ends up collecting near the roof, while the cold air tends to stay low around the floors. With infrared heating solutions, the temperature variations around the room are contained to a great extent, so you can expect uniform temperatures all over without experiencing any cold spots!

Mould Control:

Since infrared heat solid objects, if you steer the panels to face humid walls— it should help to dry them out, which in turn prevents the development of the mould and mildew.

Inexpensive to install:

Infrared heating panels operate directly through a power outlet, so there is no need for the boiler to be mounted and separate piping for them to run on. The panels themselves can be used to heat the entire building. Since they can be switched on and off as required and produce heat almost instantly, you can quickly build a zoned heating system (for each room) to meet your specific requirements.

Maximize your living space comfort:

Infrared heating modules can be suspended from the ceilings, so you’re not going to lose any floor space as you do with heaters— This also raises the heating coverage area of the panels. For instance, the 900w panel heats approximately 13.5-metre square area if it is hanging on a wall, but a 17-metre square when it is mounted to a ceiling. 

To be frank, they’re hardly 2.5 cm thick anyways, so even on the partitions or walls, they’re not going to grab much of a space!

Overcome Allergies:

Infrared heating panels do not depend on air as a means of transmitting heat (like traditional convection heaters do).

Since there is reduced movement of air, dust and allergens do not spread throughout the space, thus helping to minimise their effect.

With so many benefits to their credit, it’s about time you must consider deploying these excellent heating systems at your place. 

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