How to make energy savings – Case Study

Energy Calculations

How to identify energy savings case study using a Belkin Insight Energy Use Monitor or similar.

Typical 4 bed house.  

Electricity usage spiralling out of control.  Owl Energy Monitor identifies electricity usage of £90 per month/ £1080 per year.

Room/ Device or applicancePower in Use (per year 24-7)Standby power pa (per annum)Average Power (per year)Potential Savings
Baby monitor£5 (4.7w)nanana
Power plug network£3.70 (3.1w)£3.70 (3.1w)£3.70 (3.1w)reduce £2.50 with belkin surge or similar
Laser printer(30-90w)£34.30 (30.1w) reduce £2.50 with belkin surge or similar
Computer 1 incl monitor, desktop and speakers95-135w, monitor off £75pa monitor on £115paComputer uses 3.3w or £3.80pa switched off!, without system standby power save set it stays on all night&day uses £95pa Activate system standby after one hour when not in use. Also use AMPwinoff to shut down at 8pm if standby does not work, saving £55/yr
PDQ Machine3 watts, £3paNA3 watts, £3pa 
Desktop Computer 2 incl monitorIf on 24-7 uses £50pa with monitor off, or £105pa with monitor on  Windows 7 power saving settings monitor off after 10 mins, system standby after 1 hour.
Kettle2400W in use, about 1-2p per boil£0£16Only boil as much as you need, dont boil full kettle if not needed.
Microwave800 watts in use Variable 
Dishwater, Servis 2001 modelUse generally once a day in eco mode £48 paOnly run when full
toasterRarely used, 900w in use Variable 
Baby sterilizer500w in use Short term 
Boze ipod dock  £12.40pa if always on 
Integrated fridge  £23 pa 
Living Room    
Media streamer and surround sound box34W£15.85pa, same as in use power!NA£15, turn off when not in use.
37 inch LCD flatscreen TV195w0w standby – goodVariable 
Sky HD Box£24pa if on 24-7£17pa 15w Standby need to record, activate Sky box eco setting
Cordless phone base station £1.70pa  
19 inch LCD flatscreen TV51w in use0 watts on standby – good  
Sony Playstation 226 watt (£31pa is left on 24-7)£3pa (2.7w) turn off when not in use.
Nintendo Wii14w in use (£15.7 if on 24-7)£0.74pa or 0.6w in standby mode – good turn off when not in use.
Small Study    
Computer 3£75-100pa if left on 24-7Often left with the desktop on but monitor off still uses £75pa Amp Winoff used to power off after 10 mins of inactivity, windows power saving to turn monitor off after 5 minutes, 90% power reduction or potential saving of £40-50 per year
Computer internet router Variable £5-24 per year  
HP 2000 printer £14.56pa, or 12.7w Saving £15pa turn off when not in use.
Master Bedroom    
Bedside digital alarm clock £1.70pa  
Blackberry phone charger £0/ 0 watts once chargedVariable 
Iphone charger £0/ 0 watts once chargedVariable 
Garage/ Utility Room    
Tall freezer0-100w depending whether cooling £49 pa 
Small beer fridge  £14-15pa 
Washing machine  £24pa 
Tumble dryer  £225pa OuchUse as little as possible
Dyson vacuum cleaner  Variable 
High power electric shower10,500watts (10.5KW) in use£1.37 per hour in use or 2.28pence per minuteAverage 16p per 7 minute shower, 2 people 1 shower per day each is £112 approx per year 
Central heating boilerApprox 70 watts in use. variable 

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