Kids spending too long in the shower?

Save money and help reduce your climate change impact.  Win-win!

Step 1 – Telling the kids to spend less time in the shower doesn’t seem to work! (We speak from experience)

Step 2, – Buy a water flow rate test bag and check the flow rate of your showerheads.  Anything over 8 Litres per minute is bad.  Water Flow Rate Testing Bag

Step 3 – Buy a 6 or 8 litres per minute showerhead.  This will reduce both your gas and water consumption. Reducing 2 bills at once.

Step 4 – Get a shower timer.  5-6 minutes in the shower is usually long enough.  30-minute kids showers can be expensive playtime!

How this works.

This only really works for mixer showers.  It does not work for electric showers because they regulate their own water flow according to the incoming groundwater temperature.

If you are on metered water, then this will help you to save lots of money.

If you have a condensing combi boiler, then it is very likely to have a modulating burner. A modulating burner means that if there is less hot water demand, the boiler automatically turns the flame down, which in turn uses less gas.  If you have a high flow rate shower, then the boiler may be running almost flat out which will use much more gas.  A low flow rate shower can use 65% less gas with good savings and environmental benefits.

We have a fantastic caluclator to use to get exact numbers

However below are the results for our household – interesting reading…..

Currently, we have a high flow 12L/min shower head, son spends 10 minutes in the shower on average, once a day, 320 times a year, so this will use £201 of water and gas PER person per year

We’ve changed to a 6L/min shower head ( , reduce his time to 5 minutes in the shower (, once a day, 320 times a year, now we will use £52 of water and gas PER person per year

Plus, there are important environmental benefits also.

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