Lighting Controls: The Technology that is providing many practical Advantages

Light is one of the most common appliances in any of the homes. Well. Could you imagine if you had no volume control for your TV? Or what if HVAC didn’t allow you for temperature variation? Even your gas induction allows for how much you want to cook your food. But what about the lights? Your lights are either at full brightness or off. Isn’t it? Therefore, lighting control is much more than a cool techy gadget that offers heaps of practical benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • The golden rule for saving electricity – “The less time your lights are on, the lower your electricity bill will be”. Therefore, the lighting controls will make it easier for you to know they are on only when you need them. 
  • The foremost aim of these lighting systems is to offer comfortable visual conditions for finishing tasks efficiently and safely. This will assure you that it will provide you the best lighting without any interruption while providing data that facility managers can use for gaining insight into user preferences. 
  • With the help of smart lighting, you will be able to open the app and can easily turn off your lights with just a single tap on your phone. According to British Telecommunications, smart light bulbs are at least 85% more efficient than those traditional bulbs. 
  • This will offer you intuitive flexibility. Yes, this means, you will be able to change the amount of light depending on the time of day. You can also improve your mood with the bright lighting and can relax with the dimmed ambiance. With this, you will be able to satisfy your personal preferences. 
  • A quality networked lighting control system has the capability to interface with the automated demand response server. With this, it participates in utility demand response programs which helps in reducing the peak power demand, especially at the time of emergency grid events. 
  • Lighting controls act as a great deterrent. For instance, the vacation mode sets lighting scenes to turn on at random times. This will give a look of a lived-in home to any of the individual who may be watching it. These systems can also be integrated with your home alarms, illuminating the path to exit your home in the event of a fire and turn all the lights for full brightness. 

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