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Super Energy Saving Pack 1

"Electricity, Heating & Water Saving Pack" which has everything we feel you need to save water, energy and money.
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Sales price £64.96

After customer feedback we have included the items which we feel offer instant savings.

Pack consists of:

1 x Water saving showerhead
1 x Hippo toilet watersave
1 x Shower flow restrictor
1 x Tap areator
1 x 3 Sheet radiator reflector
1 x Underdoor draught excluder in white
1 x Thermometer card
1 x Bryseal door seal in white
1 x B22 7w LED bulb in the most popular warm white colour
1 x Countdown timer offering 1,3 & 6 hour countdown
1 x Plug in energy monitor
1 x LED night light

Radflek Radiator Reflectors, reduces your heating bill by reflecting wasted energy back into your room rather than heating up the wall and the street outside. reflects back into the room 95% of the heat energy radiated from the back of your radiator helping to reduce your heating bill. Radflek is very quick and easy to install - once installed, nobody knows it is there. Radflek can pay for itself within about one year. 3 Sheet pack is enough for 3-6 Radiators.

Under Door Twin Draft Draught Excluder. A really quick and easy way to stop that draught coming under your internal doors. Helps to keep one room really warm so that you don't have to heat the whole house.

Thermometer Card. A one degree centigrade reduction in heating saves energy and up to 8% of your heating costs. Helps you to keep in your comfort zone.

Bryseal Around Door Seal, for internal or external doors. Helps to keep one room in the house really warm so you don't have to heat the whole house. This is a clever composite product comprising of a PVC plastic strip with a colour matched curved rubber draught strip attached positioned to press against the door and make a seal. Simple to fit with pin nails, can be cut with garden clippers or hacksaw. Two year manufacturer's guarantee. 4 x 1028 mm and 1 x 914 mm, enough for one single door opening.

Eco Green 5-Function Water Saving Shower. Patented shower with up to 50% water saving compared to a conventional shower. Independent testing has shown these shower heads can reduce your hot water bill by £75 per year* and reduce you metered water bill by £60 per year* in a typical property. Has the added benefit of 5 different shower patterns, all with the same water/ energy saving properties. How it works - A water saving aerating device is fitted at the base of the shower. Air will be inhaled continuously into the water stream through a venturi hole to create a mixture of air and water. This speeds up the water stream leading to an improvement in the water pressure, meanwhile water consumption is saved as the air takes up half of the space inside the shower head creating a back pressure which slows down the water flow into the shower head.

Hippo the Toilet Water Saver is the simple, proven and low cost water saving device to help conserve water in toilet cisterns. A Hippo is simply a Polyethylene unit that opens to look like a box, which sits neatly in the cistern of your toilet and saves you water and money every time you flush the toilet. When the toilet is flushed, the water confined within the Hippo is the volume saved. toilet flushing accounts for 30% of household water use. Installing a Hippo in your home can save enough water to make 35,000 cups of tea a year! Average household flushes a toilet 5,000 a year (5x10L = 50,000L - save 3L PER FLUSH = 15,000L saved = £55 per year on metered water)

Shower Water Flow Restrictor. 6 or 8 Litres per minute flow rate restrictor in each pack - you choose which suits you and your shower head best. Fits standard shower hoses. Saves water and saves water heating gas/electricity. Suitable for use with our aerating water saving showers, especially useful in high pressure water areas.

A Tap Aerator is designed to cut down on unnecessary water consumption (washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving etc) from your taps. A typical tap may have a 24 litres per minute water flow which wastes lots of water at times.This water saving aerator restricts water flow 6 litres per minute also drawing in air to give a lovely soft bubbly waterflow.  Suitable for hot or cold taps. Easy to fit with a adjustable spanner.

LED Light Bulbs use even less electricity than energy-saving compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and can last three times longer. They use 10 times less electricity than the old tungsten or halogen bulbs. 7 Watts Warm White B22 Bayonet 240V A+ Rated

The Lowenergie Countdown Power Saver helps you to save energy, reduce your bills and protect the environment. This device can have great potential to turn off equipment which may accidentally be left on for long periods or overnight. Multi socket extension leads can be plugged into this power saver to allow four or more devices to be fully disconnected from the power. Standard version has 1, 3 and 6 hour time settings, 240V 3000w 13A Max load

Plug in Energy Monitor. Analyse your household items such as DVD players, washing machine, kettle or computer throughout your home or office. Discover the operational and standby power usage to understand which appliances can waste energy and need to be turned off when not in use. Find out which is truly your most economical washing machine or dishwasher cycle. This energy monitor could help you to discover electricity savings of £200 per year or more with good contribution to carbon reduction helping to reduce climate change. This monitor shows power in watts; accumulative Kilowatt Hour usage over time; total accumulative cost over time for each appliance being tested. 240V 3000W 16A max load

Energy saving LED Night Light, only 1p per week, Ideal for landings, hallways, children's rooms, nurseries, bedrooms. Only 0.6w power consumption, auto on in dark/ off in daytime, 3 year warranty.

Technical Specification

7w LED Bulb

7w LED = 60w Tungsten (670 lumens)
Warm White 3000k
110mm long
60mm Diameter
35,000 hours/many years
Instant brightness
A+ Rated
No lead or mercury
CE approved & marked

1,3 & 6 Countdown timer

240V, Max 13A load, 3250W, also suitable for electric heaters

BS 1363, CE mark, RoHS
Operating power consumption < 0.3 watts
Standby power consumption <0.2 watts="" less="" than="" 2="" kwhr="" per="" year="" but="" capable="" to="" saving="" at="" least="" 44kwhr="" in="" many="" situations="" br="">Where equipment may have higher standby wattage or could accidentally be left on such as computer peripheral devices, savings could be far in excess of this figure more like 600-700 Kwhr savings.
Figures for guidance only. Typical UK electricity cost of 15 pence per Kwhr (2014).

Plug in Energy Monitor

Power Supply 240v, 50 Hz
Max Load 13A, 3000W
Min power display 0.1 watts
Measured Power Accuracy +/-2w (0-100w); +/-2% (100 - 3000 watts)
Min Power Accuracy +/-2%
Accumulative power quantity range 0.00-9999.9 KWH
Price Range 0.00-9999

LED Night Light

Simple plug in operation
Low profile design
30,000 hours life, 3 year warranty
240v AC input, UK plug
Bulb type, LED
Complies with EN60598/ BS1363-1/ CE approved

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