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Thermahood Square TH140

Downlight Covers! Reduce Heat Loss & Draughts through downlighters
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Thermahood covers are used to go over the top of your recessed down light fittings within your loft space.

Separate your loft insulation from your light fitting
Reduce condensation/water vapour passing into your loft space
Seal your light fittings to reduce air leakage and draughts
Improve air quality and reduce dust, fibreglass ingress or blown installation
Reduce noise and insect infiltration
Reduce fire risk
Thermahood covers keep your loft insulation separated from your light fitting. This is especially important nowadays with modern LED fittings whose operational life is determined by heat dissipation. Overheating of LED light fittings will significantly reduce their working life. If your light fitting or low voltage transformer is in contact with loft insulation, this will could cause overheating and is a fire risk.

The next most important feature of the Thermahood is that they seal your light fittings from the cold ventilated roof space above. There will be significant heat loss through your light fittings, especially during winter and windy conditions. This is partly because there will be no insulation directly above your light fitting, but also due to quite significant air leakage and draughts through your light fittings.

Other benefits of the Thermahood are seperating the dusty loft space from your living areas. They are especially good at keeping out irritating fibreglass dust and insects, whilst at the same time, can help to provide additional soundproofing from external noise. Thermahood will also prevent excessive water vapour from creating condensation within your loft space, especially above bathroom areas.

Downlights can reduce the effectiveness of your loft insulation by as much as 30%, owing to the gaps in the insulation around the lights.


Complies with BS EN 60598-1 & BS EN 2

Compliance with building regulations, C2 (condensation), L1&2 (insulation) & E1 (sound)

Compression resistance – electrical safety Council best practice guide five

Flammability rating UL94

Fire Hazard IEC 695–2–1 - Pass

Prevention of overheating BS EN 60598 –2 2:1 1997

Thermahood material – flame retardant, self extinguishing plastic


TH140 - Square, internal 186 x 186mm, internal height 137mm


Clear the area around the downright, clean dust from the ceiling lining/plasterboard
Place the Thermahood over the downlight, bring the wire through the aperture on the rim to the Thermahood cover
For best airtightness, it is recommended to adhere the Thermahood to the ceiling lining, this can be done with products like ‘no more nails’, or silicone adhesive (not included - purchase separately)
Insulation can then be fitted up to and over the top of the Thermahood to current building regulation recommendations

Light Fitting and bulb shown in photo are NOT included

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