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30A Heavy duty mech light timer switch

Heavy Duty Light timer contactor switch, plugless, HPS CFL hydroponic
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Unlike most conventional timers this Lowenergie timer is designed to handle the inductive load/ start-up current generated by HID/ Metal Halide or Sodium lamps.  
Cheaper timers with only 13A rating will stick either on or off as the tiny contacts inside them weld together under the high inrush/ start up current created by HID, HPS or metal halide lamps. The 30A rating of this switch will also ensure much longer relay contact life.

  • Capable of switching up to 6 X 600W (max 3600w) hps or up to 4500w CFL lights, or 30A/ 6500w resistive load.
  • IP55 rated rainproof, dustproof, splashproof, for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Mechanical Timer with 15 minute switch riders.


30 Amp rated for long relay contactor life, 30A Resistive load (max 6500w), lighting loads given above.

Minimum Time Settings 15 Minutes, 24 Hour Timer
Programming Auto Programme or permanent on
Dimensions 116mm wide x 170mm high x 43mm deep
Material Clear plastic bulb, plastic and metal base
Energy Rating A - Rated
CE CE Approved and Marked

Simple wiring connections, live in, live out, neutral and earth.

Package Supplied with rubber cable grommets, IP55 water resistant.

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