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300w Infrared Panel Heater with feet

300w Infrared panel heater with feet, 7-day programmable with thermostatic control using remote handset.
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300w Panel Heater
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How they work

Infrared panel heating works in the same way that you feel heat from the sun. It radiates heat and warms all objects in the room. Infrared heating can save energy as it requires much less power by radiating heat directly at people and objects, so does not necessarily need to heat all the air in the room to make you feel warm. They have low convection, therefore disturbing very little dust, helping to reduce allergy problems.

Did you know that only 20% of the heat from a traditional radiator warms the space by heat radiation. The other 80% of heat from a traditional radiator goes straight up as convection, therefore creates high air flows around the room disturbing dust and creating a heat gradient (warmer towards the ceiling, cooler towards the floor).

The core feature of our far infrared panel heaters is the new technology carbon crystal heating element. Carbon crystal heating has a much larger surface area than cheaper ceramic and resistive wire heaters.

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation that sits just beyond the red end of the visible light range in the electromagnetic spectrum. We often hear the word radiation and automatically assume it to be harmful, but in fact, radiation is just a process of energy emission. Just like visible light radiation, infrared radiation is 100% safe and even our own bodies emit infrared radiation (which is what allows search and rescue helicopters to find lost travellers at night for example).

So weather you have a large space, or just need local heating. One or more heaters can heat a room, or you could even just use one small heater below a desk or nearby your sitting position to keep you warm.

Suitable for wall mounting, or floor standing using the standing feet available separately.

How do these Save Energy and reduce your bills?

A typical 2000w (2KW) cheap electric oil filled radiator or similar uses electricity at a rate of 25 pence per hour, around £2.00/ day, £12.00/ week, £48 per month. So the £30-40 cheap heater can use £240 of electricity over one winter, with 1600 kilowatt hours of carbon emissions.

Our infrared Panel heaters radiate heat into the room and do not need to fully heat the air before its thermostat turns it off. Infrared heaters quickly warm the objects and people in front of the heater, whereas for other electric heaters, much of the heat goes up towards the ceiling taking longer the heat the room. 7

Typical running costs for our infrared panel heaters are (per heater):- 300w, £0.04/ hour, £0.30 per day, £1.80 per week, £7.20 per month*

*Above based on 15 pence per kilowatt hour electricity cost, 8 hours per day, 6 days per week, with use of the thermostat within the remote control to reduce electricity consumption.


  • Heating element: carbon crysta
  • Surface temperature: mainly 75-95℃
  • Electric conversion efficiency: 98%
  • Surface material:IR coating surface
  • Frame: White Aluminum
  • Back material: Aluminum Sheet
  • IP rating: IP54 (excluding Plug)
  • Over heat protection: Yes
  • Default cable length: 1.9m without plug
  • Certification:CE,RoHS,TUV GS,SAA
  • Dimensions: 605 x 505 x 45mm (22mm is thickness of frame, total thickness is 45mm with wall mounting brackets)
  • UK Plug


  • 7-day programmable with thermostatic control using remote handset
  • Compliant with European ERP II Directive ‘ecodesign requirements for local space heaters’
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Carbon crystal heating element design life: approximately 100,000 hours
  • IP54 - Can be used in bathrooms in accordance with IP bathroom zoning rules
  • Single remote control can operate multiple heaters in the same room
  • Blue LED Power ON indicator
  • Overheat Protection - yes
  • High emissivity front panel construction, means, good heat radiation properties.
  • Remote control requires two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Instruction Booklet

Remote Handset Included

  • Battery-powered: DC 3V(2x 1.5V AAA batteries - not included)
  • Power Consumption: 3V,0.1mA
  • Target temperature range:0℃~ 45℃(32℉-113℉)
  • Temperature Resolution:±1℃
  • Current temperature range:1℃~ 45℃
  • Display resolution:0.1℃
  • Temperature accuracy of measured temperature:±0.5℃
  • Dimension: L135mm×W56mm×H18mm
  • Weight: 92g (excluding batteries)
  • Radio frequency transmission to the heater, not disrupted by objects in the room

Standing Feet

  • Body size: 188*40*48mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Colour: Silver
  • Weight:170g/pair


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