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New Emissions Surcharge For Vehicles In London

Green Car

From the 23rd October 2017 drivers in central London will need to pay an Emissions Surcharge (a.k.a. “Toxicity Charge” or “T-Charge”) if their vehicle does not meet minimum exhaust emission standards.

The T-Charge is £10 and is on top of the Congestion Charge bringing the daily fee to £21.50.

Drive into the congestion charge zone with a Euro 3 car or HGV and you will be caught out.

But this is just the start…… By 2020 we could have over 30 Clean Air Zones (CAZ) around the UK, while the London ultra-low emission zone could come in to force by 2019 (and unlike the T-charge, will apply to the whole area inside the north and south circulars).

The minimum standard for a CAZ will be high – Euro VI/6 for all diesel vehicles, Euro IV/4 for petrol. So, if you are working on reducing energy use in transport fleets make sure you pay close attention to the new restrictions arising out of attempts to clean up air quality in the UK’s towns and cities.

Plus remember the minimum standards are just that – the minimum; several cities are now looking at Zero Emission Zones.”

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