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Ecotricity claims green gas from grass is the future, not fracking

Ecotricity claims green gas from grass is the future, not fracking.

Dale Vince, the outspoken founder of green energy company Ecotricity, believes his company is set to roll out a revolutionary new way of generating gas in Britain - from grass.

With the first Green Gas Mills project to be submitted into planning later this year, Ecotricity maintains the concept is scalable, meaning green gas could be rolled out across Britain and immediately begin displacing imported fossil-fuel gas in the grid – while providing a viable carbon-neutral alternative to fracking.

A culmination of several years of research and development, Vince says Ecotricity’s Green Gas Mills will make gas from grass – sourced from marginal land on farms in the local area – using Anaerobic Digestion to produce biogas that is purified into biomethane and fed straight into the national grid plus a fertiliser that will go back onto the farmer’s fields to improve the soil.

Each mill will power 6,000 homes – providing gas for customers that is not only carbon neutral, but financially assists local farmers, supports food production, improves land quality, and ensures wildlife habitats are created.

Vince said: “We are at the beginning of a revolution in gas, we can take what we’ve done with green electricity, which last quarter generated 22% of the UK’s electricity needs, and apply it to gas.

“Green Gas Mills will produce gas that is carbon neutral, supports food production and is sustainable – with the process actually improving the local environment rather than damaging it – it’s the antithesis of fracking.

“If both the energy and agricultural sectors can grasp this opportunity, this can end of the debate around fracking because we simply won’t need it.”

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