Solar PV Accessories

Understanding your own Solar PV Panel Electricity Micro Generation. You get paid a feed in tariff of 14.4p per kwh (July 2014) for every KW generated, plus you save yourself around 14.5p per kw by using you own solar electricity generation, therefore your total benefit is around 29 pence per kw.  Alternatively, if you export your solar power to the grid, you get the 14.4 per kw feed in tarriff plus a 4.77p per kw export tariff which gives you a total benefit of only 19.17p per KW.  So as you can see, you are better off using as much of the electricity you generate as possible.  We have selected a range of timer switches, energy saving devices and solar electricity storage batteries to help you make the most of your own solar electricity generation.

Solar power generation is variable between cloudy and sunny spells so it is best to store the power using a battery when it can then be used at any time of the day or after dark.
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