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12W LED Driver Transformer


A 12w LED driver power supply transformer 240v DC 12V

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12w LED driver transformer by Lowenergie™

LED driver transformers are needed instead of standard 240v to 12v transformers commonly used for halogen bulbs. Without an LED driver transformer there is a possibility that the led lamp will either not work or flicker.  If an LED lamp does work with a normal transformer, the LED light will have a significantly reduced life and will fail after only a few hours.

The 12w maximum rating for these LED drivers must not be exceeded.  Several LED bulbs can be run with these LED drivers so long as the total wattage of lamps do not exceed max driver wattage.  These LED drivers/transformers are suitable for all G4, MR11, MR16/GU5.3 LED bulbs and also most LED strip lights, just make sure the maximum wattage of the strip light does not exceed the max output power of the LED drivers.

These LED Drivers are genuine and fully approved with the CE safety mark.  They are also suitable for SELV applications.  We have tried and tested these drivers for several years and they will enable you to achieve the full design life from your LED lights, which should be between 30,000 and 50,000 hours.  At 4 hours per day every day of the year, led lights could last over 34 years.


LED Driver Transformer forMR16 / MR11 12V LED Bulbs
UsageIndoor Use only
Input Voltage220 – 240V 50/60hz
Power0.5 – 12w
OutputDC 12v 1A
Dimensions92 x 41 x 20 mm
Max Case Temperature80 C
Max Ambient Temperature50 C
CECE approved and marked
PackageEach boxed separately

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