150/1000W Solar Panel Generator Kit With PWM Charge Controller

Total solar kit for off grid generation


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Kit Contents

  • 150w Solar Polycrystalline Panel with MC4 connector plugs
  • Multi angle position aluminium solar panel mounting rack
  • 100Ah deep cycle wet lead acid battery
  • All weather battery box
  • 20A Solar charge controller
  • 1000w Inverter
  • 5M Solar power cable with MC4 connector plugs
  • 2M fuse battery connection cable with crocodile clips

Why Go Solar?

Beat energy inflation, energy security, remote location power sources (save a fortune on armored cabling), mobile power sources, fast payback periods over conventional fuel sources such as diesel generation and hook-ups, keep batteries fully charged at all time as deep discharge shortens life, environmentally friendly power which reduces carbon emissions to slow global warming and climate change. Have your own independent Off-Grid Solar Power Source

Solar Panels do still generate power during cloudy and rainy weather

We have a rough guide below to solar panel power output relative to weather conditions:-

100% power output – clear sky midday sun with the panel fully tilted toward the sun’s position in the sky.

75-85% output – clear sky midday sun but with the panel laid flat

50-65% output – thin cloud, or intermittent small clouds

10-20% output – midday overcast sky or rainy conditions


Solar Panel

  • Maximum power – 150w
  • Maximum power voltage – 18V
  • Maximum power current – 8.34A
  • Open Circuit voltage – 22.54V
  • Short Circuit Current – 8.98A
  • Weight 10.6Kg
  • Size 1480 x 680 x 35mm
  • Power tolerance +/- 3%


  • Rated Power: Rated 1000W, 1200W Max Continuous. Peak Power: 2400W
  • Input Voltage: DC 11-15V,
  • Output Voltage: 230VAC±5%/50HZ ±3HZ
  • Low voltage protection: DC 10-10.5V
  • Over Voltage Protection: DC 15-16V
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~40℃
  • AC Outlet Standard: UK

Solar Charge Controller 

Solar Panel Battery Charge Regulator Controller 12V / 24V Auto Switching

Solar charge controllers are required to regulate the power output from the solar panels to ensure effective charge of a typical 12V or 24V lead acid battery without overcharging.  Charge controllers also help to prevent reverse power discharge from the battery back into the solar panel at night as they act in the same way as a blocking diode.  PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) solar charge controllers provide a cost effective solution to linking your solar panel to the battery.  Optimised charge control helps to prolong the life of the battery. The LCD display shows gives and indication of battery charging state and battery voltage.  The display also indicates solar power input or power discharge from the battery.  Our charge controllers use an  industrial grade micro-controller chip to work in a wide range of temperatures and humidity.

Solar Controller Technical

  • 20A max Rated Discharge Current and Rated Charge Current.
  • Suitable for 12V or 24V systems, auto detecting & auto switching
  • Only suitable for lead acid batteries: Sealed wet lead acid, AGM, GEL.  This controller is not suitable for nickel metal hydride, lithium ion or other batteries.
  • Maximum solar input; <50V
  • Equalisation; Sealed 14.4V, Gel 14.2V
  • Float Charge; 13.7V (by default, value adjustable)
  • Load outlet discharge stop – 10.7V (by default, value adjustable)
  • * Discharge Reconnect – 12.6V (by default, value adjustable)
  • USB outlet – 5V/3A maximum.
  • Self consumption <10mA (0.12w at 12v)
  • working temperature range -35 to +60 Deg C
  • Dimensions – 150 x 78 x 35 mm
  • Weight – 150 grams

* Discharge reconnect meaning.  This voltage is user adjustable.  As the load consumes the power within the battery, the voltage eventually drops to 10.7V and the load output of the controller will automatically stop any further charge from protect the battery.  If for example the next day maybe rainy or cloudy day and the battery charges slowly, if the voltage is still below 12.6V, the load output from the controller will still not work.  If the sun comes out in the afternoon, or the next day is much sunnier conditions, once the battery voltage rises above 12.6V, the controller load output will automatically start to work again.  Discharge reconnect is set to 12.6V by default, although you may wish to set this perhaps 12.4V.  Discharge reconnect is aimed at protecting the battery and reducing the depth of discharge cycling.  Lead acid batteries last longer with shallow discharge.

Product Warranties

  • Lowenergie Solar Panels have a 10 Year Warranty for materials and workmanship.
  • Power Output Warranty is at least 90% maximum power for first 10 years of use and;
  • Power Output Warranty of at least 80% maximum power output for up to 25 years use
  • Inverter – manufacturers warranty 1 year

Battery Life – dependant of depth of discharge and number of full/partial discharges, can be anything from 6 months to 7 or 8 years

Warning: The Charge Connection Order Below must be followed

1, Battery Cable, 2 Load Cable, 3, Solar Panel Cable

Do not install the charge controller in a sealed enclosure where battery gases can accumulate.

The charge controller can be used with one or more 12V batteries where additional storage capacity may be needed.

Additional information

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