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150w Mono Solar Panel Kit With 20A Victron Energy PWM DUO Charge Controller


150w Mono solar panel with Victron Energy™ 20A DUO PWM charge controller

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Solar Kit Contents:

  • 1 x 150w Mono Solar Panel by Lowenergie™
  • 20A PWM DUO Charge Controller by Victron Energy™
  • Solar PV to controller cable
  • Battery to solar controller cable
  • 4 White ABS Corner mounting brackets
  • 2 White ABS side mounting brackets
  • 1 Twin cable entry
  • 1 Tube Sikaflex

Technical Specifications

150 Watt Solar Panel (with 1m Cable & Solar Connector Plugs)

  • Maximum Power (Pmax): 150W
  • Maximum Power Voltage (VMP): 18.0V
  • Maximum Power Current (IMP): 8.34A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 22.54V
  • Short Circuit Current (ISC): 8.98A
  • Weight: 10.6KG
  • Size: 1480*680*35mm
  • Power Tolerance: +/-3%
  • Maximum System Voltage: DC1000V

BlueSolar PWM-LCD & USB 

  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Two 5 Volt USB outputs
  • Lighting control function, fully programmable
  • Three stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, float), fully programmable
  • Load output with low voltage and manual disconnect (programmable)
  • Load output protected against over load and short circuit
  • Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar panels and/or battery
  • Charges two separate batteries
  • Programmable charge current ratio
  • External Temperature sensor

Technical Specification

  • BlueSolar PWM-DUO LCD-USB 12/24-20
  • Battery Voltage 12/24 V with automatic system voltage detection [for LiFePO4 no automatic system voltage detection]
  • Rated charge current 20A
  • Second battery output Yes
  • Load output 2 USB ports 5V/2A
  • Automatic load disconnect 10.5V/21V
  • Maximum solar voltage 28V / 55V (1)
  • Self-consumption 10 mA
  • Protections Battery reverse polarity (fuse) Over temperature
  • Grounding Common negative
  • Operating temp. range -35 to +55°C (full load)
  • Humidity (non-condensing) Max 95%

Default Settings

  • Charge voltage ‘absorption’ (2) 14.4V / 28,8V
  • Charge voltage ‘float’ (2) 13.7V / 27,4V
  • Battery temperature sensor Yes, remote sensor [included]
  • Temperature compensation -30mV/ºC / -60mV/ºC


  • Protection class IP20
  • Terminal size 16 mm² / AWG6
  • Weight 0,3kg
  • Dimensions (h x w x d) 101.5 x 184.0 x 47.1 mm


  • Safety IEC 62109-1
  • EMC EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, ISO 7637-2

1) For 12V use 36 cell solar panels, For 24V use 72 cell solar panel or 2x 36 cell in series

2) See manual for alternative voltage settings

Victron Energy are a Dutch company who lead in the field of off- grid solar products.

Solar Panels to Controller Cable

5m Twin core 2.5mm2 cable with male and female connectors to one end.

Solar controller to Battery Cable

1.5m, 2 Core 2.5mm2 AMC round profile cable, in-line fuse, 30A spade fuse M8 ring terminals.

All cabling carefully design to minimise voltage drops and maintain maximum system efficiency. TUV Approved

Solar Corner Brackets

  • ABS
  • 4 Corners
  • White
  • Size per bracket 15x15x 6.5cm.
  • Weight (4 brackets) 1.6kg

Easy Installation, holes should be drilled in each bracket, and corresponding holes in the solar panel frame on each side; then brackets should be fixed to the solar panel using self-tapping screws (not included).

Side brackets

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Size (1 bracket): 18 x 9 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight: (2 brackets): 1.0 kg

Cable Entry

  • ABS
  • Twin cable entry for 4-12mm cables
  • White
  • Watertight
  • Size: 12x10x5cm

Product Warranties

Solar Panel = 10 Year for materials and workmanship

Charge Controller = 5 Year Victron Energy

All other components have a 12 month warranty.

Power Output Warranty is at least 90% maximum power for first 10 years of use and;

Power Output Warranty of at least 80% maximum power output for up to 25 years use

Weight15 kg
Dimensions100 × 68 × 3 cm


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