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2ft (600mm) Slimline Tube Light


2ft Slimline Tube Light available in white and day white colour options

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These specially selected tube lights have very high lumens light output. They are rated A++ in energy efficiency.
Branded premium quality Epistar LED Chips with built in LED Drivers. They are simple to install and offer immediate energy saving.

Technical Information – 2ft/600mm – 18 watts

  • All fittings are 75mm in width with 24mm slimline rounded profile
  • Excellent replacement for T12/ T8 fluorescent tubes. Even more efficient than high efficiency T5 fluorescent tubes
  • 40,000 to 50,000 hour long life. Twice as long as fluorescent tubes
  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to fluorescent.
  • Very high light output per fitting, means less wiring and fittings are needed for larger areas
  • Lightweight and easy fitting with only 2 clips
  • Aluminium base/ heat sink and impact resistant polycarbonate profile
  • 120 degree beam angle.
  • Input Voltage AC 110-265V
  • 2ft/ 600mm – 18 watts
  • Available in white 4000k or day white 6000k
  • 3-Year Warranty by Lowenergie™ Brand, Est 2011
  • CE Certification, RoHS no hazardous materials



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