4mm Solar PV Cable – Cut to length


High quality Solar PV Cable in range of lengths.

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Solar PV Cable should be used for connecting solar panels to inverters or charge controllers as this type of cable is rated to high voltage especially needed for solar panels in series.

This type of solar PV cable is also well suited to small wind turbine installations where there will often be a low voltage but high current output making the power generated very susceptible to cable voltage drop even over very short distances of just 5 metres. See link below for voltage drop calculator to ensure you make the most of your generation. Your system design should try and use the highest voltage output possible from your installation (for example series solar panel wiring) as this will help to reduce voltage drop. Larger cable conductor sizes also help to reduce voltage drop.


4mm Solar Cables: LSHF RUBBER Flex for connecting solar panel installations. Can also be used for small wind turbines..
Rated at 1800V for indoor and outdoor installations including exposed to sun rays
Max current rating 55Amps
TUV approved cable to PV1-F type
Flexible conductors to BS EN 60228:2005, tinned copper, flexible, class 5
Insulation: special compound cross-linked HT-PVI (LSHF)
Sheath: special compound cross-linked HT-PVG (LSHF)
Flame Resistant cable to EN 60332-1-2
UV Resistant Cable to HD 605-A1
Ozone Resistant Cable to EN 50396
RoHS passed: 2011/65/EC
Temperature range -40 C to +90 C (Max. overload temperature: 120 C and Max. short circuit temperature: 250 C)
Special features: The cable is tested to work for at least 25 years with thermal endurance
1 Core: Black

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100m, 10m, 15m, 1m, 20m, 25m, 2m, 3m, 50m, 5m, 8m


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