5ft 6000K Frosted LED Microwave Tube Light


LED Tube light with Microwave sensor 6000K – White

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LED Tube – NEW Microwave sensor type

The microwave sensor within the LED tube lights detects movement within its vicinity by emitting a high-frequency electromagnetic wave at 5.8 GHz and receiving their echo. The sensor detects the change in the echo even from the slightest movement in its detection zone. A microprocessor then triggers the change from the two full brightness, returning to dimmed status after approximately 40 seconds of no further movement in the 6-8M vicinity.

We have found these microvave sensor tube to be much more effective at detecting movement within the detection range the PIR sensor tubes.

The microwave power used by the sensor is of a very low level, typically around 10 times less than that emitted by a mobile phone.

LowenergieTM LED Tube lights are the future of low energy lighting with very long life operation.
Energy-Efficient & Environmentally Friendly with no hazardous materials like mercury commonly used in fluorescent tubes.
LED tubes benefit excellent 60-70% energy savings over traditional fluorescent tubes.
High quality aluminium alloy body which acts as a heatsink to extend the life of the LED s.
The frosted plastic cover helps to dissipate light and improve appearance.
Our LED tube lights look exactly the same as fluorescent tubes when turned on but use half the power.
These LED tube lights are compatible with PIR occupancy sensors for maximum potential energy savings which is not normally guaranteed by all manufacturers
LED tubes have no flickering or interference, instant soft start and low heat.

Our tubes use the latest LED’s which are the brightest available.
LED’s also have good heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency and high ration of performance to price.
These tubes are high brightness output designed to be equivalent brightness to traditional T8 fluorescent tubes.
These tubes have the latest & highest efficiency LED Technology

Technical Specification:-
Auto Dimming Tubes – Stay full brightness with active human movements in the 6-8M Vicinity, then dim to 30% brightness after approximately 40 seconds. Excellent for store rooms, corridors, parking areas etc.
Input voltage 85-265 volts AC
Colour Options; 6000K DayWhite 
Light Output – 6000K – 2280 lumens 
Frosted opaque cover light diffuser
Power – 5ft, 1500mm – 24w per tube, Only 3watt when dimmed
Up to 95 lumens per watt efficiency
Life expectancy – 50,000 hours.
Fully compatible with PIR room occupancy sensors
CE Approved
RoHS: Compliant
3 Year Warranty

These LED sensor tube lights are also compatible with whole room PIR occupancy sensors which can be set on 30 minute or longer delay for max energy savings

Changing to LED tube lights does require a very simple wiring alteration within the light fitting to remove the start and ballast transformer which only takes a few minutes per fitting. The led tubes simply operate by 240v live feed to both pins at one end and neutral feed to both pins at the opposite end. Ballast transformers are always recommended for removal for full energy saving potential. Full instructions are included with every order.

Not suitable for use with dimmer switches.

All electricity should be switched off prior to any electrical work being carried out.

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