5w Waterproof Outdoor Solar Light with built in PIR


Sleek design light offering great brightness and with the benefit of a PIR enhances home security.

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These waterproof multi-function solar lights are a fantastic addition to gardens or driveways.

This solar-powered light works automatically without electricity or extra battery, it is equipped with the world’s leading solar panels (monocrystalline silicon). The high-powered  COB’s (chip on board) provide excellent illumination. Turn a dark space into a brightly lighted space and provides security for your home.

3 Working Modes:

These working modes can be used with different scenarios and can be widely used for garden, patio, side paths, driveways, and lawned areas in all weather.

Mode 1 – This setting acts as a dusk to dawn light. Light will come on automatically at dusk providing 30% brightness and remain on until dawn or battery depletion.

Mode 2 – This setting allows the light to come on at dusk in a 30% brightness light and switches to 100%  bright upon PIR detection.

Mode 3 – This setting remains off until PIR detection and switches to 100% brightness.

Note: When PIR is activated the unit will remain on continually for approx 25-30 seconds after motion stops.


  • Power: 5W 
  • Lighting Type: COB
  • PIR Detection Range: 3-5m
  • Light Disbursement Ranger: 120 degrees
  • Waterproofing Rating: IP65
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Charging time: 8-12 hours (with direct sunlight)
  • Discharging time: Over 10 hours (depends on the chosen mode and sunlight received)
  • Size 12.5 x 9.5 x 5cm

Package Includes: 1 x Solar Wall Light with built-in PIR


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