Around Door Seal


Heavy duty rubber draught excluder proofing strip by Stormguard

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Around Door Seal

Why Draught Proof?

Your house or commercial property will lose heat during cold weather partly due to poor thermal insulation, but also due to the air-leakiness of the building.  This warm air loss is technically known as infiltration or permeability and is measured in metres cubed per hour per square metre of floor area.  A typical building built 1900 to 1990 will lose around 20-30 metres cubed of air per hour per square meter of floor area.  This is due to natural leakage through the fabric of the building, but largely through gaps around windows and doors.  Good use of draft proofing could reduce your air permeability to around 8-10 metres cubed per hour which is a good low-cost way of reducing you heating bills.  The amount of air infiltration to your property will also depend on its exposure to wind so if you are on a hillside or near the coast then it is even more beneficial for you have good draught proofing.

Product Specification

  • Can be used on both internal and external doors
  • Seals gaps 1 – 7 mm
  • Two-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Strong durable rubber seal
  • Slotted holes for adjustable fitting
  • Size 4 ×1028 mm and 1 x 914 mm, enough for one single door opening
  • Available in white and aluminium finish
  • For application and fitting details, see photos
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