Automatic Drop Down Recessed Door Seal


Automatic Drop Down Recessed Door Seal Smoke Draught Fire Insect & Sound Proof

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Activated by the closing action of the door, dropping down to seal only when the door is closed

Fitted so that the plunger at one end of the door presses again the frame when the door is almost closed, which then operated the drop down seal.

Will drop down and seal against out of level floors if required.

This is a rebated model.  Its a fantastic hidden drop down seal.  For fitting the door must be removed and a channel routed into the bottom of the door. Recess dimensions 12mm wide x 20mm deep.

Acoustically tested to BS EN ISO 10140-1 & BS EN ISO 10140-2, achieving a rating of 39dB

Fire tested to BS EN 1634-1 & BS476: Part 22: to 60 minutes

Smoke tested to BS EN 1634-3:2004

Draught Proof –  Forms a barrier against outside climate, noise, light, fire, smoke and insects

For use with or without threshold plates, and straight down to the carpet

Designed to meet the requirements of approved document E and part M of the UK building regulations

  • 14mm maximum drop (seals up to 14mm gap beneath the door)

Therm type high quality co-extruded self-extinguishing seal- removable to aid in fitting/ replacement

  • Self-directing reinforced plunger
  • Screw fix (screws supplied)
  • Length supplied as 926mm, max trimming length 200mm, therefore can be cut down as small as to 726mm
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