Chimney Flue Draught Excluder by Chimney Sheep™

Universal chimney draught excluder. Prevents draughts from open chimneys .

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These Chimney Draught Excluders are designed to be pushed into the narrow part of the chimney above the fireplace, used when the fire is out and the central heating is on.

A huge amount of warm air is drawn up the chimney throughout the day which causes draughts in rooms and loss of heated air.

It has been calculated that for an average sized flue these chimney draught excluders can save you £23 per year off your heating bills for EACH chimney, with the added benefit of reducing draughts within rooms.  If you have several chimneys then the savings will be much higher.

The Chimney draught excluder is made of Herdwick wool on a handle. The wool squashes into the shape of the chimney throat or flue, and holds itself in place. When you want to light the fire this design of chimney draught excluder can simply be pulled and put it in a bag. When the fire is completely cold you can put it back in again. It’s easy to use and can be used over and over again.

Each chimney draught excluder comes with a 300mm handle.  If the distance from the top of the fireplace to the chimney throat is more than the length of a ruler then you may need to get an extension rod, available separately.

These chimney draught excluders have the huge advantage over similar products in that they can be easily taken out and re-fitted each time the fire is lit.  There are many buildings where fires may only be used on special occasions such as only over Christmas.

Other advantages: Can stop noise coming down your chimney; saves money, sustainable material, stops cold draughts coming down your chimney for example during windy days, stops debris falling down your chimney like soot and hailstones.

How to decide which size you need.

Look up your chimney with a torch and find where the chimney flue narrows, this is the part you need to measure. Measure the diagonal for square or rectangular openings.  Buy a chimney draught excluder about 50mm (2 inches) bigger than your flue for a snug fit.   If it is wide and narrow like the fire photo shown, you will need a rectangular draught excluder. If it is round, square, or off square rectangular then a round one will fit. If you live in an old house with really large chimney openings, 15″ diameter will be needed. Estimate the distance between the top of the fireplace and the bit where it narrows to ensure the 300mm supplied handle will be long enough (handle extensions available) .  See installation photo.  Just push the wool head into the narrow part of the flue, then tug it down gently to ensure a good fit.

Sizes Available

  • 7.5″ Round
  • 10″ Round
  • 12″ Round
  • 13″ Square
  • 18″ Square
  • 6″ x 16″ Rectangle
  • 8″ x 20″ Rectangle
  • 9″ x 16″ Rectangle
  • 12″ x 20″ Rectangle
  • 14″ x 24″ Rectangle
  • 14″ x 28″ Rectangle
  • 14″ x 36″ Rectangle
  • Additional rods also available

Installation video

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