CombiSAVE combi boiler water & energy saving valve giving faster hot water heating

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Do you have a Combi boiler?
Are you on a water meter?
Then this device will save you money

Even brand new A-rated boilers are not as efficient as you may think. Every time you turn on your hot water tap you are wasting water, gas, time and money. This British innovation is a thermostatically operated valve that can be fitted to the majority of new and existing wall hung Combi boilers

How does it work?
By controlling the water flow to the hot taps during the initial boiler firing process, the Combi boiler can accelerate the heating of hot water and reduces the amount of fuel needed. When the hot tap is turned on, the CombiSAVE reduces the flow of water until it has reached a set temperature. At this point, the valve opens fully and allows the hot water to flow at full delivery capacity through your domestic system. The CombiSAVE will save you an average of 6 litres of water every time the hot tap is turned on from cold. This will vary depending on your local water pressure.

What is hot water preheat?
Preheat is a setting on many combination boilers which makes the boiler fire approximately every half an hour regardless of heating or hot water demand in order to maintain a faster hot water delivery temperature. During testing, we found that over a 24-hour period with no heating demand or hot water usage, an A-rated condensing Combi boiler can use 0.3 cubic metres of gas (3.30 kilowatt hours) which equates to around 15p per day. Over the space of a year, this would waste over 50 of gas. CombiSAVE enables the preheat setting on your boiler to be turned off as it allows the boiler to heat the hot water faster. Check the instructions for your boiler to see how the preheat can be turned off, for example, on a Worcester Green Star boiler, simply press and hold the eco-button to turn off pre-heat.

How much can a CombiSAVE valve save?
Save water the CombiSAVE can reduce your water consumption in a family home by up to 28,000 litres per year. This can give a significant water saving if you are on metered water.
Save gas the boiler will take less time to heat your water, enabling the preheat setting on the boiler to be turned off, potentially saving you up to 60 – 70 (300 kg of CO2) of gas per year.
Save money for the amount the CombiSAVE costs to purchase, along with its simple fitting which can be done by the average DIYer, you will often get your money back in less than one year, usually 1 to 2 years. Typical savings up to 150 per year if you are on a water meter enabling the preheat boiler setting to be turned off.
Environmental Carbon dioxide savings can be over 300 kg per year with significant water savings and reduction in water treatment chemical usage by the utility companies.

Fact A CombiSAVE fitted in 50,000 homes would save a whole reservoir of water each year as well as preventing around 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

How easy is it to fit?
The valve is easy to fit by the average DIYer on a straight section of 15 mm hot water pipe below your boiler using 45 rotatable elbows. All parts are included for fitting along with pipe cutting template and instructions. YouTube installation video’s are also available.

Technical information
pressure range 0.2 10 bar
maximium inlet water temperature 85 C
temperature calibration range 40 50 C
maximum outlet flow (at six bar) 25 L per minute
bypass flow adjustment (at six bar) 0.5 4 L per minute
type size (inlet and outlet) 15 mm
boiler type Combi boiler
body material brass
nuts and elbow material brass
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty, 15 year Design Life.
No maintenence required after installation
Boiler warranty not affected by installation

Compatibility – Although Combisave is compatible with the vast majority of boilers, it is not recommended for use with boilers which already incorporate a water s

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