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Draught Excluder – Secondary Glazing Film by Stormguard


Window insulation secondary double glazing film and draught excluder

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Using Stormguard’s Draught Excluder – Secondary Glazing Film is quick and easy low cost way of turning a single glazed window into double glazing, at the same time excluding draughts for your ideal winter comfort and energy saving.

  • Stops Heat Loss
  • Saves Money
  • Protects the Environment
  • Easy to fit,an economical alternative to double glazing
  • Enough for 4-8 average sized windows
  • Easy to fit – Anyone can do it, just need a hair dryer

How does it work?

By creating a trapped air layer next to the window, this air layer itself acts as insulation giving resistance to heat loss and significantly reducing draughts associated with single glazing. This simple product have been proven to work for many years, see our infra-red thermal imaging camera photo which shows darker colours indicating lower heat loss to windows fitted with Stormguard Double Glazing Film. Stormguard is a manufacturer of quality draught proofing products and has been established for over 150 years.

Pack Size

6sqm Boxed Pack (1 Sheet: shrink fit film – 1524mm x 4015mm), double sided stick tape roll

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