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We have put together this fantastic “Electricity Saving Pack” which has everything we feel you need to save electricity.

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Here at Low Energy Supermarket we have put together a fantastic “Electricity Saving Pack” which has everything we feel you need to save electricity.

After customer feedback we have included the items which we feel offer instant savings and the tools to discover where further savings can be made.

Pack consists of:

  • 1 x B22 7w LED bulb in the most popular warm white colour
  • 1 x Countdown timer offering 1,3 & 6 hour countdown
  • 1 x Plug in energy monitor
  • 1 x LED night light

LED Light Bulbs use even less electricity than energy-saving compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and can last three times longer.  They use 10 times less electricity than the old tungsten or halogen bulbs. 7 Watts Warm White B22 Bayonet 240V A+ Rated

The Lowenergie™ Countdown Power Saver helps you to save energy, reduce your bills and protect the environment. This device can have great potential to turn off equipment which may accidentally be left on for long periods or overnight. Multi socket extension leads can be plugged into this power saver to allow four or more devices to be fully disconnected from the power. Standard version has 1, 3 and 6 hour time settings, 240V 3000w 13A Max load

Plug in Energy Monitor. Analyse your household items such as DVD players, washing machine, kettle or computer throughout your home or office. Discover the operational and standby power usage to understand which appliances can waste energy and need to be turned off when not in use. Find out which is truly your most economical washing machine or dishwasher cycle.  This energy monitor could help you to discover electricity savings of £200 per year or more with good contribution to carbon reduction helping to reduce climate change. This monitor shows power in watts;  accumulative Kilowatt Hour usage over time; total accumulative cost over time for each appliance being tested.  240V 3000W 16A max load

Energy saving LED Night Light, only 1p per week, Ideal for landings, hallways, children’s rooms, nurseries, bedrooms.  Only 0.6w power consumption, auto on in dark/ off in daytime, 3 year warranty.

Technical Specification 

7w LED Bulb

  • 7w LED = 60w Tungsten (670 lumens)
  • Warm White 3000k
  • 110mm long
  • 60mm Diameter
  • 35,000 hours/many years
  • Instant brightness
  • A+ Rated
  • No lead or mercury
  • CE approved & marked

1,3 & 6 Countdown timer

  • 240V, Max 13A load, 3250W, also suitable for electric heaters
  • BS 1363, CE mark, RoHS
  • Operating power consumption < 0.3 watts
  • Standby power consumption <0.2 watts, less than 2 Kwhr per year but capable to saving at least 44kwhr per year in many situations.
  • Where equipment may have higher standby wattage or could accidentally be left on such as computer peripheral devices, savings could be far in excess of this figure more like 600-700 Kwhr savings.
  • Figures for guidance only.  Typical UK electricity cost of 15 pence per Kwhr (2014).

Plug in Energy Monitor

  • Power Supply 240v, 50 Hz
  • Max Load 13A, 3000W
  • Min power display 0.1 watts
  • Measured Power Accuracy +/-2w (0-100w); +/-2% (100 – 3000 watts)
  • Min Power Accuracy +/-2%
  • Accumulative power quantity range 0.00-9999.9 KWH
  • Price Range 0.00-9999
  • CE
  • BS1363
  • BS5733

LED Night Light – appearance may change due to new stock

  • Simple plug in operation
  • Low profile design
  • 30,000 hours life, 3 year warranty
  • 240v AC input, UK plug
  • Bulb type, LED
  • Complies with EN60598/ BS1363-1/ CE approved


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