Energy Saving Black Countdown Timer With Remote & PIR


Energy saving countdown timer socket with remote & PIR for auto power off

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Lowenergie Countdown timer with PIR automatically switches off your appliances after 30 minutes, 1 or 3 hours if no usual human movement is detected thus improving electrical safety and conserving electricity by eliminating standby losses.

The Lowenergie Countdown Power Saver helps you to save energy, reduce your bills and protect the environment. This device can have great potential to turn off equipment which may accidentally be left on for long periods or overnight. Multi socket extension leads can be plugged into this power saver to allow four or more devices to be fully disconnected from the power.
Remote wired version supplied with a 2 metre long cable with remote switch & PIR on the end which can be conveniently located in an easily accessible location where sockets may be located below a deck or behind furniture.

Annual energy usage while on standby, (Telegraph Article, June 2014):
Wireless Router (e.g. BT Hub) – 21.92; Printer (Laser) – 18.26; Set-top (Satellite) – 18.26; Amplifier – 12.18; Compact Hi-Fi – 12.18; iPad charger – 12.18; Nintendo Wii – 12.18; Set-top box (Freeview) – 7.31; Alarm Clock – 6.09; Microsoft Xbox 360 – 6.09; Modem – 6.09; Sony PlayStation 3 – 6.09; Air freshener plug-in – 4.87; CD player / Tuner – 4.87; Television (Plasma) – 4.87; Video Player – 4.87; Inkjet printer – 4.26; Desktop PC – 3.65; Nintendo DS – 3.65; Oven (Electric) – 3.65; Microwave – 3.04; Television (CRT & LCD) – 3.04; Mobile phone charger – 2.44; PC monitor (CRT) – 2.44.

Suggested time settings
30 minutes: Children’s daytime TV, workstations
1 Hour Hot coil items, hair straighteners, soldering irons, toaster, ovens, coffee maker, small hot water boilers/tea makers, electric heaters where short term heating boost is needed
3 Hours – TV, DVD, game consoles, mobile electronics chargers, mobile phone chargers, cameras.

Technical Specification
240V,Max 13A load, 3250W

BS 1363, CE mark, RoHS

Operating power consumption < 0.3 watts

Standby power consumption <0.2 watts=”” less=”” than=”” 2=”” kwhr=”” per=”” year=”” -=”” but=”” capable=”” to=”” saving=”” at=”” least=”” 44kwhr=”” in=”” many=”” situations=”” where=”” equipment=”” may=”” have=”” higher=”” standby=”” wattage=”” or=”” could=”” accidentally=”” be=”” left=”” on=”” such=”” as=”” computer=”” peripheral=”” devices=”” savings=”” far=”” excess=”” of=”” this=”” figure=”” more=”” like=”” 600-700=”” p=””>

Figures for guidance only.
Typical UK electricity cost of 15 pence per Kwhr (2014).

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