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Garage Door Insulation Boarding 25mm


25mm Insulation boarding for garage doors

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Garage Door Insulation Board

Jablite HP (High Performance) is a closed cell expanded polystyrene (EPS) multi-use insulation board suitable for a wide range of insulation applications. It is grey in colour due to the carbon additive which acts within the boards to disperse and reflect heat radiation. This gives the boards an improvement in thermal performance compared to white EPS.

Jablite HP Insulation can be used in temperatures up to 80°C. It does not degrade when placed in high moisture areas and is resistant to the effects of freeze thaw. Jablite HP will remain an effective insulation for the life of the building.

Jablite HP is lightweight and easy to install. There are no requirements for special PPE when installing or cutting Jablite HP

Jablite HP EPS insulation is non-toxic and non-biodegradable. Jablite HP will not sustain mould growth and offers no nutrient value to insects or vermin.


  • Jabite Code – EPS70HP
  • Thermal Conductivity (Lambda) – 0.032 (W/mK)
  • Weight – Approx 226g per sheet
  • Design load at 1% nominal compression (kPa) – 20
  • Design load at 10% nominal compression (kPa) – 70
  • Fire – Euroclass F, non fire retardant material. Keep away from naked flames or other fire hazards
  • Easy to cut to size using a sharp knife
  • Each Sheet 45x120cm
  • Adhesive not included – Insulation will need to be secured to door – we recommend something similar to no more nails

Sizes Available – All based on door height of 7ft

  • 10 sheets for door up to 2.4M Wide
  • 15 sheets for door up to 3.6M Wide
  • 20 sheets for door up to 4.8M Wide
  • 25 sheets for door up to 6.0M Wide
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