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Micro PIR Sensor


A Micro PIR Sensor ideal for commercial and residential applications

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This product can save a varying amount of energy dependent on the type of lighting it is connected to.  The energy savings will be high with a very short payback period if connected to average energy level lighting such as fluorescent tubes, or compact fluorescent lamps.

This product is perfect for commercial applications for washrooms, storerooms, kitchens, stairwells as well as corridors where there are frequently people passing in an out of an area the lighting often gets left on all day

Usage in domestic applications such as integral garages, storerooms, toilets, or any other room where lighting may accidentally be left turned on.

Payback can be as little as 1 year in some instances.

Payback is the time it takes for an investment in energy conservation to repay its cost in energy savings.


Power Source220VAC-240V 50Hz.
Time Delay5s, 30s, 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins & 8 mins (adjustable), but lighting will stay on as long as movement is detected within range of the sensor
Detection Range100
Power Consumption<.2w
Load Power800w Max (Tungsten) 200w Max (Fluorescent)
Detection Distance8m (Adjustable)
Dimensions10 x 22mm (Sensor)

55 x 25 x 35mm (Control Unit)

Warranty1 Year


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