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Microwave Switch Occupancy Sensor


Microwave Switch Occupancy Sensor 360 degree Light Presence Detection

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Microwave Switch Occupancy Sensor from Lowenergie.

This microwave switch will automatically switch on lighting, heating or ventilation when it senses an occupant enter a room or building.  The switch will stay on as long as it detects movement within its range of sensitivity.  Multiple sensors may be required for large areas.

The sensor switch is fully adjustable and can be set to only operate during low light levels if required.  Switch on function is time adjustable. The sensitivity or detection distance is also adjustable.

Microwave switches have the advantage over PIR switches in that they can be fully concealed above a ceiling, within a cupboard or within a plasterboard type wall to give automatic lighting.

These switches have a 360 degree sphere of detection which needs to be given consideration during their positioning.  They are very well suited to larger buildings.

The energy savings will be high with a very short payback.  This product is ideally suited to commercial applications such as shops and offices in areas where lighting can be left on.  It can also be used on domestic applications on a lower sensitivity setting in rooms such as integral garages, store rooms, toilets, or any other room where lighting may accidentally be left turned on.


Power Source220V/AC-240V/AC
Working Temperature-20 – 40 deg C
HF System5.8Ghz CW radar, ISM Band
Dimensions90 46 x 45mm
Time Delaymin:10sec 3sec – max:12min 1min
Installation Height1.5m~3.5m
Detection Range360
Power Consumption0.9 Watts
Rated Load1200W (incandescent lamp) – 300W Max (CFL energy-saving lamp)
Detection Distance1-8m adjustable
Warranty1 Year
Weight0.25 kg


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