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Mono 500W Solar Panel Kit 4 MPPT Charge Controller


500w Mono-Crystalline Solar Kit 4 with MPPT Charge Controller

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This kit is designed for 24v battery by connecting 2 x 12v in series.

Panel wiring should be 2 + 3 in parallel

Solar Kit Contents:

  • 5 x 100w Mono solar panel
  • 30A MPPT Charge Controller
  • Solar power to controller cable – 2 x 5M, 4mm2, single Core with MC4 connectors
  • Controller to Battery Cable – 1.5 Metre 6mm2 single core cable, with 30A inline fuse and 8mm ring connectors
  • Battery Terminals (pair)
  • Y Branch connectors (pair)
  • 20 aluminium mounting brackets

Technical Specifications

100 Watt Solar Panel – (with 1m Cable & MC4 Connector Plugs)

  • Max Power: 100w
  • Max Power Voltage: 18.0v
  • Max Current: 5.56A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 22.54v
  • Short Circuit Current: 5.94A
  • Weight: 6.9kg
  • Size: 1200 x 540 x 30mm
  • Maximum System Voltage: DC1000v
  • Power Tolerance: ±3%

Technical – Tracer AN Series 3210AN

  • Nominal System Voltage 12 or 24V battery bank, auto recognition
  • Battery Input Voltage Range 8V ~ 32V
  • Max Charge/ Discharge Current 30A
  • Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage 100V (At minimum operating environment temp)
  • Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage 92V (At 25 Deg C operating environment temp)
  • MPPT Voltage Range +2V ~ 72V
  • Max Rated Charging Power (30A), 390W (12V), 780W (24V)
  • Max. PV Array Input Power 580W (12V), 1170W (24V)
  • Wiring Connections, Solar +/-, Battery +/-, Power Output +/-, Temp Sensor, COM RJ45
  • Working Environment Temperature Range – 25 to +45 Deg C
  • Humidity Range <95%
  • Enclosure IP30
  • Dimensions 228mm x 164mm x 55mm
  • Power Terminals 6AWH (12mm sq)
  • Weight 1.2Kg

Solar Panels to Controller Cable

  • 2 X single core 4mm2 solar PV Cable, TUV Approved

Solar controller to Battery Cable

  • 2 X 1.5M single core 6mm2 solar PV Cable, with 30A inline fuse and 8mm ring terminals TUV Approved.
  • All cabling carefully design to minimise voltage drops and maintain maximum system efficiency

Solar Brackets:

  • Aluminium
  • Light weight
  • 100mm long
  • Supplied as 4 brackets per panel

Y Branch:

  • Male Male Female & Female Female Male connectors
  • 1000V DC or 30A max
  • 4mm2 solar Cable
  • IP66 waterproof

Important information regarding Charge Controllers – MPPT

Warning: The Connection Order Below must be followed

1, Battery Cable, 2 Load Cable, 3, Solar Panel Cable

Do not install the charge controller in a sealed enclosure where battery gases can accumulate.

Tracer AN Series – product features:

  • Advanced maximum Power point tracking (MPPT) technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5% with 10-30% more power to the battery than cheaper PWM controllers.
  • High quality components with maximum conversion efficiency of 98%
  • Ultra fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
  • Reliable automatic limit function of maximum PV input power, ensuring no overload risk.
  • Wide maximum PowerPoint operating voltage range
  • 12/24V DC automatic battery detection
  • LCD panel display providing operating data and working conditions
  • Supports 3 pre-programmed charging options, sealed, gel and flooded batteries
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Includes RS-485 communication bus interface and mod bus communication protocol
  • RS-485 plug socket port can be used for PC monitoring via USB connection, this socket can also be used for connecting the MT50 external display unit to show real-time data and parameter settings.
  • Remote temperature sensor connection port, to remotely detect battery temperature allowing and MPPT technology to adjust parameters.
  • The controller has a three stage battery charging algorithm (bulk charging, constant charging and flow charging) for rapid, efficient and safe battery charging.

Product Warranties

Solar Panel = 10 Year Warranty for materials and workmanship.

All other components have a 12 month warranty.

Power Output Warranty is at least 90% maximum power for first 10 years of use and;

Power Output Warranty of at least 80% maximum power output for up to 25 years use

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