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Stainless Steel Narrow Boat Flip Solar Panel High Mounting Brackets


Narrowboat Solar Panel Mounting brackets allows your solar panel to be constantly at the correct angle for maximum solar exposure.

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Tilting solar panel mounting. Easily flip your panels East to West or South East to South West depending on where you are mooring/ parked to achieve optimal power generation.

New Design to allow mounting onto curved boat roofs. Arrow head design to ‘hook’ the raised panel in place and stop it dropping down with vibration or high winds.

Adjustable height and solar panel angle. Solar panels can be laid flat when not in use by sliding to the bottom of the slot.


Solar panels up to 300W or around 1000mm wide
250w to 300w panel, around 990-995 wide, Max 32 degrees tilt.

* Maximum Angles (based on a boat roof camber of approx 10 degrees)
(For guidance, the solar optimal solar panel angle is your degrees latitude less 15 degrees)

Each bracket includes an additional hole in the brackets to allow the securing chain to be fitted to the solar panels (not included)

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