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Pool or Pond Solar Pump


Submersible water pump available with and without 32mm hose adapters

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Pool or Pond Solar Pump

Premium quality solar pump. Don’t be fooled be similar 24V pumps which may only have a 1-2M head even through specified at 6M with much lower flow rates.

This water pump is suitable for use directly connected to a solar panel without charge controller (smaller solar panels generally have 18-22V output). This means, the pump only operates whilst adequate sunlight is hitting the solar panel and generating enough current to turn the motor. Alternatively, the pump can be controlled from a 24V battery/ power source.

Ideal for use with solar water heating systems as water flow stops when there insufficient sunlight and the pump is powered from a solar photovoltaic panel.

Max power for full flow rate and head pressure is 30 watts although this pump will run directly off a 20w solar panel (flow rate and pressure maybe slight reduced, but often perfectly adequate).

24V DC Water Pump
Fully submersible or external usage, IPX8
Electrical Supply DC power/ solar panel
Rated Voltage – 24V DC
Maximum power demand – 30 watts
Max. Flow Rate: 700-750 litres per hour
Max. Head: 8 metres
Centrifugal single stage pump
Materials: ABS Engineering plastic
Certificates: CE, RoHS

Available with and without 32mm adapters

32mm Adapters are to fit standard size pool hose commonly used with small pools

If purchasing with adapters please be aware these are connected and cannot be removed

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