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Shower Timer – 4 Minute, Blue Sand

4 Minute shower timer with blue sand

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The average shower lasts eight minutes and can use almost as much water and energy as the average bath. According to research by Unilever, an eight-minute shower can use 76 litres of hot water, compared with an average bath’s 80 litres. Research showed that if people were using a power shower – an appliance that adds extra pressure to the water flow – then an eight-minute shower would require twice as much water and energy as a bath. An average eight-minute shower per person would cost an average UK family 416 a year; using a power shower would see the annual bill soar to 918.

By using a shower timer to control your shower time to 4 Minutes max, and also by using on of our water saving shower heads, you could reduce your water consumption and hot water energy usage to just 37 Litres, saving around 214 per year.

Can also be used as a tooth brushing coach


  • 4 Minute with blue sand
  • Suction cup to attach to shower wall


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