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Tap Aerator Insert


Tap aerators inserts allow an even flow of water and help to save water and energy.

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A Tap Aerator is designed to reduce unnecessary water consumption from your taps, for example when hand washing, brushing teeth, shaving.

A typical tap may have up to 24 litres per minute water flow rate which wastes lots of water at times, especially if you are using hot water. Reducing hot water wastage means reducing your gas or electric heating bills and helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Saving water also helps utility companies to reduce their emissions reduce usage of water treatment chemicals.

These water saving aerators restrict water flow to 4 or 6 litres per minute (depending on choice) also drawing in air to give a soft bubbly water flow.

Easy to fit with the plastic key supplied.

Tap Aerators

  • Saves water and energy
  • Provides an even water flow
  • Fits taps with removable aerator core. Some have a coin slot in the end.
  • 4 Litre and 6 Litre per minute flow rate options available
  • Available in 16.5mm, 18.5mm or 21.5mm size
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