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Victron Energy RS 48V 6000 230V Hybrid Inverter & Smart Solar MPPT Controller


Victron Energy RS 48V 6000 Hybrid Inverter Smart Solar MPPT is a battery charger inverter and solar MPPT controller all in one.


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RS 48/6000 230V Inverter & Smart Solar MPPT Hybrid Controller

The Inverter RS Smart Solar is a combination of a powerful 48VDC, 6kVA 230VAC inverter and a high voltage, 80-450VDC, 4kW MPPT solar charger. Thanks to its modern design and high frequency technology the inverter only weighs 11kg and has an excellent efficiency, low standby power, and very quiet operation. 

The inverter is equipped with a display to read out battery, inverter, and solar charger details. These parameters can also be read out via Bluetooth by the VictronConnect App. In addition to this, the inverter has a VE.Direct and a VE.Can Port, for connection to a GX device for system monitoring.

Off-Grid solar inverter 

The Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000 is a 48V 6kVA Inverter with 450VDC 4kWp PV input. It is used in off-grid solar applications where AC power is required.

Combination of an inverter, bi-directional DC-DC converter and MPPT 

The inverter produces a perfect sine wave, able to supply high powered appliances. It is supplied by a bi-directional DC-DC converter, that can either charge the battery when excess solar power is available or convert from the battery when it is needed.

Wide MPPT voltage range

80 – 450VDC, with a 120VDC PV startup voltage

Display and Bluetooth 

The display reads battery, inverter and solar charge controller parameters. The same parameters can be accessed with a smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device. In addition, Bluetooth can be used to set up the system and to change settings with VictronConnect.

Inverter RS 48/6000 230V Smart Solar – battery input voltage range 38-64V DC, Output Voltage 230V AC, Peak output power 9000w for 3 seconds, Continuous max. output at 25deg C on average 5000w, zero load power 20w, MPPT solar operating voltage range 80-450V, solar start-up voltage 120V, PV input power 4000w, max. Charge current 100A, float and absorption, data comms ports VE Direct and VE Can, weight 11Kg, Dimensions 425 x 440 x 125 mm

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