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Water Saving Pack 1 for Shower, Toilet & Basins


Perfect for quick and easy installation, great for quickly saving water.

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Here at Low Energy Supermarket we have put together a fantastic “Water Saving Pack” which has everything we feel you need to save energy and money!

After customer feedback we have included the items which we feel offer instant savings and the tools to discover where further savings can be made.

Pack consists of:

  • 1 x Water saving showerhead
  • 1 x Hippo toilet watersave
  • 1 x Shower flow restrictor
  • 1 x Tap areator

Eco Green 5-Function Water Saving Shower.  Patented shower with up to 50% water saving compared to a conventional shower.    Independent testing has shown these shower heads can reduce your hot water bill by £75 per year* and reduce you metered water bill by £60 per year* in a typical property.   Has the added benefit of 5 different shower patterns, all with the same water/ energy saving properties. How it works – A water saving aerating device is fitted at the base of the shower.  Air will be inhaled continuously into the water stream through a venturi hole to create a mixture of air and water.  This speeds up the water stream leading to an improvement in the water pressure, meanwhile water consumption is saved as the air takes up half of the space inside the shower head creating a back pressure which slows down the water flow into the shower head.

Hippo the Toilet Water Saver is the simple, proven and low cost water saving device to help conserve water in toilet cisterns. A Hippo is simply a Polyethylene unit that opens to look like a box, which sits neatly in the cistern of your toilet and saves you water and money every time you flush the toilet. When the toilet is flushed, the water confined within the Hippo is the volume saved.  toilet flushing accounts for 30% of household water use. Installing a Hippo in your home can save enough water to make 35,000 cups of tea a year! Average household flushes a toilet 5,000 a year (5x10L = 50,000L – save 3L PER FLUSH = 15,000L saved = £55 per year on metered water)

Shower Water Flow Restrictor.  6 or 8 Litres per minute flow rate restrictor in each pack – you choose which suits you and your shower head best.

  • Fits standard shower hoses.
  • Saves water and saves water heating gas/electricity.
  • Suitable for use with our aerating water saving showers, especially useful in high pressure water areas.

Tap Aerator is designed to cut down on unnecessary water consumption (washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving etc) from your taps. A typical tap may have a 24 litres per minute water flow which wastes lots of water at times.

  • This water saving aerator restricts water flow 6 litres per minute also drawing in air to give a lovely soft bubbly waterflow.
  • Suitable for hot or cold taps.
  • Rub clean limescale removal technology
  • Easy to fit with a adjustable spanner.
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