Wind Turbine 1KW 48V


1kww Wind Turbine 48V with mast kit

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Our small wind turbines are usually considered to be permitted development where land based and do not require planning permission most situations (Check with your local council first). In some instances, you may wish to consider several small wind turbines which maybe less obtrusive than one large turbine.

Small wind turbines are an excellent source of power generation when they are positioned in a suitable location such exposed coastal or rural areas. Wind turbines should be positioned in clean wind which is strong and laminar, which means it flows in smooth streamlines and is not disrupted by nearby obstacles. See further guidance and legal planning advice by following the link below:-
All of our wind turbines use an ISO 9001 manufacturer (Factory quality management) & comply with ISO14001 (Environmental Management)


  • Off Grid cabins
  • Boats – complementing existing solar generation to provide night power
  • Telecommunications
  • Signage
  • Safety equipment
  • Monitoring stations
  • Suitable for saltwater marine environment


Casting aluminium alloy body, compact, little vibration
Excellent output,900w at 8m/s
Easy installation, tube connection
Balanced blades with optimized aerodynamic shape and structure to enhance the wind energy utilization and annual output.
Tail adopts mechanical yaw technique, making it survive storm damage and run safely. When the wind speed is too high, the tail makes the turbine turn away from the full force of the wind helping it to slow down. When excessive wind speeds are forecast, the controller also has a turbine brake switch.
Patented permanent magnet ac generator and specially designed stator to effectively reduce rotational torque which is well matched to the wind wheel and generator ensuring best performance of whole system.

Product Description – 1KW Model
Rated power – 1000w at 10m/s (22mph)
Maximum power – 1200w
Rated Voltage Output – 48v
Start-up wind speed – 2.5m/s
Survival wind speed – 45m/s
Top net weight – 46kg
Wheel diameter – 2.8m
Number of blades – 3
Blades material – reinforced glass fibre
Generator type – Three phase permanent magnet AC synchronous generator
Magnet material – NdFeB
Generator case – Casting aluminium alloy
Control system – Electromagnet braking and wind wheel yaw using tail furling
Speed regulation – Tail furling
Working temperature – -40 C – 80 C
Design life – 20 Years
Gross weight – 48kg
Certificates – CE, ISO14001, ISO 9001,TUV

Kit Contents Include

Box 1 – Turbine, nose cone and blade hub
Box 2 – Tail section and blades
Box 3 – Mast Base, steel guy lines & mast attachment, concrete base ground anchors, guy line tensioners, mid section mast couplings.
Box 4 – 3 sectional mast (approx. 6m in length) with tapped ends & pre-drilled top, base & guy line attachment holes.


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