Residential Solar Panel Calculator

Are you considering solar for your home but unsure of how many you need?

Are you confused by the terminology?

Feb up of filling in forms and being inundated with follow up calls?

The Energy Saving Trust have put together this simple to use solar calculator that will give you a true representation of what can be achieved for your property.

It works for between 1 and 10Kw systems, and you can add in your own installation cost, which then calculates payback. 

For example a £6000 3Kw system says 13 years payback time based on current electricity costs and includes an export tariff. However, reducing a 3Kw system to £4000 (which we think is more realistic) the payback would be less than 9 years.

Of course, battery storage may be the solution for some as it allows you to use your solar power well into the evenings.

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