Solar Lighting Benefits That You Need To Know

Solar lights not only illuminate almost any place you want to, but they also come equipped with an integrated solar panel that is highly durable and maintenance-free. It’s an ideal investment as there is no need for wiring as well.

All-in-one Solar lighting kits usually comprise of a new age and compact light solution uniting Solar panels, LED light, and Li-ion battery—Here are a few prominent benefits of installing one.

Low Maintenance:

Utilizing Solar lights instead of kerosene lamps reduces the time and cost of refuelling and maintenance. Kerosene lamps and diesel generators must be loaded multiple times a day. 

In rural areas or remote locations, buying and transporting kerosene or diesel fuel is both difficult and costly. Diesel generators require frequent maintenance and are short-lived. Solar lighting kits need no fuel and can last for a few years with limited service.

Extends the Working hours:

On average, it usually starts getting darker around 6 pm.  Solar Lighting helps rural communities extend their working day to the late evening hours. 

Many villages where solar lights are deployed are seeing a rise in their economic activity, supporting local businesses such as small shops to operate till extended hours.

Improves Health:

Fumes emanating from kerosene lamps in poorly ventilated homes are a major health issue in many areas of the world where electrical light is not available. The World Bank reports that 780 million women and children inhaling kerosene smoke breathe an equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes a day. These problems are addressed through the use of Solar Lighting.

Energy conservation:

Solar power is by and far, the most efficient and sustainable means of energy conservation because it limits the dependency on expensive conventional energy-sources used to power suburbs, shopping centres and other industrial and commercial establishments. This leaves the onus on decentralized PV-generated power to supply the Lighting and meet basic electrical needs.

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