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Solar Panel Efficiency Is On The Increase

What a great advance in solar technology. News just in from the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) and the Leibniz Universität Hannover report that some older solar PV installations may have even less than 15% efficiency solar panels. Solar panels installed in roughly 2014 re only 15.27% efficient.

However here at Low Energy Supermarket many of the solar panels we sell now are already over 21% efficiency, especially our monocrystalline panels.

This means for the same solar panel size/area as a typical residential solar system (250w panels), a 26.1% efficiency panel would equate to 427w per panel. If a typical 16 panel 4KW system was upgraded with these new 26.1% efficiency panels, it would produce 6800W ! Trouble is, the inverter probably wont handle it and would also need upgrading!

We can see people upgrading their solar panels one day. Certainly, new installations would be capable of generating 90% of the electricity demand for the typical house, except for in the lowest generation months of Winter.

People are finding that their houses do not have enough roof to produce the annual electricity consumption. Unfortunately only generating around half of their consumption at the moment. The eventual doubling the solar panel efficiency would make a 12 panel 3KW system into a 12 panel 6KW system with the same roof area and a potential generation of 5000 KWhr per year at 52 degrees north (for example North West). So that should be enough to run a typical house, so long as it uses its electricity consumption efficiently (assumes gas central heating – for now)

………. Hopefully sooner rather than later, solar maybe able to produce enough power to supply electricity demand and run something like a ground source heap pump which can then also supply heating making the home totally carbon free……..

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