Strebel Biotec – Biomass boiler

A Biomass Boiler is Ideal For Any Type Of Property

The Strebel Biotec wood pellet boiler is a user-friendly and adaptable choice of biomass firing for a wide range of applications including small residential dwellings, apartment buildings, restaurants, manufacturing companies and agricultural facilities. All boilers are automatically fed with built in thermostatic control and a modulating fan.

The small footprint of the boiler and hopper allow for easy installation and benefits any maintenance which needs to be carried out on the unit. Therefore these appliances are suited to almost any dwelling whether new build or refurbishment properties. The boiler is delivered with a right side hopper, casing and control to ease the installation. If requested upon order, the hopper can be mounted to the left side of the appliance and larger hoppers are also available.

Both 25 and 40 KW models meet EN 303-5 requirements and have an efficiency degree of up to 91%.

As with all of our biomass boilers, Strebel offer considerable cost and carbon savings compared to conventional coal, oil and electric boilers. Whether in an off mains gas area or a rural area of the U.K, anyone can benefit from installing a Biotec boiler.

Strebel Biotec Boiler guide price

Strebel Biotec 25 Pellet Boiler (Maximum Output 25 kW) 
£5,250.00 excl reduced 5% vat;
Supplied Complete with 500 Litre Hand Loaded Pellet Store;
Auto Ignition & Electronic Boiler Control Panel

The Strebel Biotec Pellet Boiler

  • up to 91% efficiency, 25-40 KW heat range
  • cost effective boiler and pellet hopper with small site footprint
  • pellets automatically fed and thermostatically controlled.
  • Automatic ignition and user friendly digital control for continuous variable heat output.
  • Fully supported by experienced Strebel Engineers

Biomass Enquiry

Please provide as much information as possible. This will help us deal with your enquiry quickly.

    Semi/ Detached house calculations case study

    How much is biomass pellet fuel? – about £250/ tonne for small quality single pallets.  One tonne of biomass pellets created around 4800kwhr = 5.208p/kwhr incl VAT and delivery charge for one pallet in 15Kg bags. 
    This equates to 4.8kwhr per Kg, a 15Kg bag therfore 72kwhr.

    Strebel Biotec 500 Litre hopper will take around 16-17 bags or 1188kwhr. 

    If your property used around 20,000 kwh per year to heat, this would be on average 85kwh/day during annual heating periods over say 230 days (excl summer), therefore one 500 litre wood pellet filled hopper would last around 11 to 20 days. 20,000 kwh per year equates to 4.16 tonnes of wood pellets or 16 to 17 500 litre hoppers.

    A one tonne small single pallet delivery wood pellet 65x15kg bags which would fill almost four 500 Litre hoppers and supply fuel for around 44 – 80 days depending on weather conditions and heating demand. 

    This maybe more work than having a gas supply but 20,000 kwh of biomass fuel equals around £17000 of RHI payments over 7 years plus fuel cost savings if changing from oil or LPG. 

    You may even be able to justify your own fuel supply.
    Chips take more space than pellets but they are cheaper (about 3.5p/kwh)

    We can arrange for somebody to contact you within 24 hours to discuss in detail your specific requirements. We will be able to provide you with a competitive quotation as we act as a main distributor on behalf of the manufacturer with no middle man and direct shipping. We will also be able to advise how the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments and Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) will be applicable.

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